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No-Fault Protection for Modern Businesses

Is your company at risk if a 1099 worker is injured on the job? For most businesses, the answer is “yes.”

WorkMarket's 1099 Workers’ Compensation Insurance -- exclusively available to WorkMarket clients -- provides employers of 1099 independent contractors protection from costly lawsuits, claims, and other liabilities.

With legal protection, businesses are finally able to have the same peace of mind when engaging independent contractors as they do with W-2 employees.

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Limited Risk, More Opportunity

No-fault coverage protects businesses from legal actions if a contractor is injured, while ensuring they receive medical care.

Contractors deal directly with the insurance company, removing businesses from the contentious claims process.

Allows businesses to grow by taking on clients who require workers’ compensation.

WorkMarket's 1099 Workers’ Comp FAQ

WC is a standard form of insurance that provides protection to W2 employees against injury in the workplace on a no-fault basis. If an employee is injured, the employee is paid by the insurance company regardless of who is to blame for the injury.
WC insurance covers workers who are injured on the job from lost wages and medical expenses as well as the subsequent on-going care of the injury. Such coverage is statutory and has no monetary limits.

If a worker decides to sue the employer regardless of the WC coverage, our insurance policy will cover you for employer liability with limits of up to $1 million USD. Such coverage will cover the legal expenses that may arise.
WC is a statutory insurance, meaning it is required that all companies have this insurance policy to cover their employees. However, WorkMarket recognized that clients are still exposed to risk when engaging independent contractors and therefore partnered with one of the world’s leading insurance companies to create a unique and innovative product that reduces our customers’ risk when engaging independent contractors.
WC insurance was originally designed to protect the employer from being dragged into prolonged and expensive lawsuits by employees injured at the workplace. Since the WC insurance is a no-fault insurance, it promises clients peace of mind that workers will not be able to sue them, but will be compensated fairly by the insurance company.
You can reach out to the WorkMarket Customer Support team - [email protected] - who will submit the claim on your behalf to the insurance company.
WorkMarket will provide you with a certificate of insurance showing coverage for work which is being sent through the platform. If an additional Employer Endorsement is required, we will provide you an applicable certificate with such language.
Traveling to and from work is not generally a workers’ compensation eligible claim. However, if traveling is required as part of the job, it is covered.
Our WC is all-or-nothing coverage. We can cover the entire work you send through the platform or not cover you at all if you feel like such coverage is not necessary. We can not cover you partially.
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