Fieldpoint Service Applications Announces Integration with WorkMarket’s Workforce Automation Solution

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WorkMarket Editorial Team
WorkMarket Editorial Team
June 13, 2017
Fieldpoint Service Applications Announces Integration with WorkMarket’s Workforce Automation Solution

NEW YORK; June 13, 2017 -- Fieldpoint Service Applications, a leading field service technology firm, announced a new partnership with WorkMarket, the leading cloud software for workforce automation. Fieldpoint is aligning with WorkMarket in response to increased demand for subcontractors and third parties to deliver their services to their clients and grow their service enterprises.

Fieldpoint provides a seamless integration with WorkMarket, enabling their clients to quickly connect companies with freelancers/subs and third parties best suited for their assignments and providing the ability of managing bids and requirements for technicians. WorkMarket operates as a module within Fieldpoint, providing a fully integrated and automated subcontractor management system that includes the functionality to create work orders and adjust scheduling and bids. Work order tracking is all in real time, including bids, scheduling and billing.

“The growing trend in the service industry is an increased use of third parties and contractors to deliver our client’s service obligations. The integration of Fieldpoint to WorkMarket creates a seamless interaction between our customers, field service dispatch system and automated labor markets, providing huge efficiencies for our mutual customers.” Rich Smart,CEO - Fieldpoint Service Applications.

About Fieldpoint Fieldpoint Service Applications is a developer of field service software and project job costing applications. Our specialized integrations with CRM and financial management systems provide our customers with enterprise visibility while streamlining sales and service operations. With over 25 years of experience, over 750 valued customers, and a solid network of reselling partners, Fieldpoint enables service organizations to run leaner, smarter and more profitably. For more information about Fieldpoint and their service management software applications, please visit or call 1 (866) 336-5282.

Fieldpoint PR Contact
Mike Mance
CMO, Fieldpoint Service Applications
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