High Wire Win Marks Back-to-Back Victories for WorkMarket Customers

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WorkMarket Editorial Team
WorkMarket Editorial Team
High Wire Win Marks Back-to-Back Victories for WorkMarket Customers

We're thrilled to announce that High Wire Networks won the "Most Innovative Approach to Service Delivery Award" at the Field Service USA 2018 Conference in Palm Springs last week.

“This is a team win,” said Mark Porter, CEO and President (pictured on the left below). “We use technology to innovate and drive outcomes for the world’s best clients.”

High Wire Networks’ 2018 achievement marks consecutive wins by a WorkMarket customer at Field Service USA.


The Official Announcement

Field Service USA board members who selected the winner clearly valued High Wire Networks’ commitment to excellence. In an intensely competitive category that included fellow nominees Solar Turbines and Siemens Healthcare, High Wire Networks took top honors for its engaging, metrics-driven presentation and subsequent Q&A session in front of the advisory board.

The official announcement came at the awards reception and platinum party to honor the winners at the close of the week-long conference, where industry leaders networked and discussed best practices. Other award winners include Cox Communications for Best Service & Support Strategy Team Implementation and Porsche for Most Effective Technology Deployment.

A WorkMarket Milestone

In 2017, Charles Hughes, Director of IT Field Services at Walgreens, led the country's second-largest pharmacy store chain to the winner’s table in the same category with his presentation highlighting how WorkMarket helped it streamline operations.

“Using WorkMarket labor clouds,” Hughes explained, “we were able to build a nationwide workforce of highly skilled IT techs in a just a few days.”

Porter and Hughes, and their wives (pictured below), were able to celebrate High Wire Networks' win together, which made all of us here at WorkMarket especially proud of the work we do—and the people we work with. Congrats everyone!

High Wire Networks Reveals Its Award-Winning Secrets

Join Best-in-Class Innovator Mark Porter on Thursday, April 26th at 1pm EST for a 30-minute where Mark will share the secrets and strategies he used to build an award-winning field service organization using WorkMarket.

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