WorkMarket CEO To Deliver Opening Keynote To Fortune 500 HR Executives At Contingent Staffing Conference

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Mousa Ackall
Mousa Ackall, VP, Marketing
July 07, 2016
WorkMarket CEO To Deliver Opening Keynote To Fortune 500 HR Executives At Contingent Staffing Conference

NEW YORK (July 7, 2016) – WorkMarket, the leading provider of on-demand labor software to the enterprise, today announced that its CEO Stephen DeWitt will be leading a keynote session about the on-demand economy at Contingent Staffing’s Total Talent Management conference in Atlanta, Georgia Monday, July 11th at 11:55am ET.

The Contingent Staffing Conference brings together senior HR and procurement executives to discuss the latest issues in contingent labor, current best practices in staffing, and the shifting paradigms in procurement affecting the world’s largest organizations.

Stephen’s keynote , titled: “Unlocking the World’s Largest Talent Pool: The On-Demand Economy” will be followed by an interactive session and working group discussion. The presentation will highlight how the rise of the on-demand economy is allowing HR executives to embrace a more holistic view of the talent that drives the performance of the enterprise. Stephen will explore why the majority of the $300 billion spent globally on contingent labor is unaccounted for in financial planning, forecasting, and budgeting within a typical enterprise.

A 30+ year veteran of the Silicon Valley tech community, Stephen has held senior leadership roles at some of the world’s largest companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, and Symantec. Now at WorkMarket, he is leading an award-winning team of tech innovators providing businesses with the tools and technology that re-define the direct operating potential between enterprises and their extended workforce.

“Your contingent workforce is one of the most important components of your growth strategy,” said Stephen DeWitt, CEO of WorkMarket. “Many enterprises, however, are wholly unprepared to deal with the complexities associated with contingent labor, from recruitment and onboarding, to the provisioning of work, to visibility, compliance and reporting. That said, modern cloud-based and mobile solutions are are giving enterprise new options to rapidly transform their operations in ways never before possible.”

Taking place at the W Atlanta Midtown hotel, bordering Piedmont Park, Contingent Staffing will assemble more than 30+ speakers to present on procurement innovation over the course of three days.