• I want to learn more about using Work Market to help my business. Can I contact you?

    Great…and we want to learn more about you. You can call us at 877-654-WORK(9675) or contact the sales team to schedule to review your needs.

  • What is Work Market?

    Work Market is simply the best place for businesses and freelancers to work together. Freelancers join or are invited into our marketplace and businesses use our software to find, verify, engage, manage and pay for contract work.

  • How can Work Market help my business?

    We provide the best framework for managing your extended workforce. You will have better visibility into work being performed, you will have a much better compliance processes and you will be able to easily access your on-demand contract teams when and where you need them. You can use Work Market anywhere in the world and for both onsite and virtual assignments.

    You can also grow your business with Work Market. Most of our clients use Work Market as a buyer and a seller of work. All in one account.

  • How does Work Market work?

  • Who uses Work Market?

    Everyone! Our community consists of single person teams to Fortune 100 businesses.

    As a worker you’ll find hundreds of groups to join and everyday you’ll be presented with relevant contract work opportunities to consider for acceptance. Build out your profile, set your areas of work interest and you’re ready.

    For buyers, our system addresses the needs of a small business as well as having the tools required in complex, enterprise workflows addressing legal, procurement, reporting and accounting process requirements. You will be impressed with how much we have thought through this.

  • Who can get freelance work here?

    Graphic artists, technology professionals, brand marketers, paralegals, healthcare professionals, consultants, court reporters, couriers, etc. If you can freelance it, contract it or consult it, then you should be using Work Market.

  • Do you have a Work Market mobile app?

    Use a phone or tablet to manage your entire workflow from end-to-end. Work Market’s mobile app is available for Android and iOS owners to install now!

    Watch the following video to see how it works:

  • Can I view a list of freelance opportunities?

    Yes. Freelancers can find a list of available jobs through our Work Feed. View the current feed.