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Some people were born to change the world. Those people work here. At Work Market, hard work is rewarded and employees are empowered with the tools and freedom to be successful.

We’re on a mission to reinvent how people work in a modern world. Join some of the brightest minds in the industry as we look to power one of the biggest labor revolutions in decades.

Life at Work Market is pretty awesome.

What can we say? We love to have fun. During the day, we’re passionate about empowering a new generation of independent workers and helping some of the biggest brands in the world capitalize on one of the most important labor revolutions in decades. On nights and weekends, we’re actors, musicians, public speakers and semi-professional athletes.

We’re obsessive about delivering a simplified user experience to our customers and building powerful software that can fundamentally transform how freelancers and businesses connect in a modern world. There’s a reason Forbes magazine recognized us as one of America’s Most Promising Companies.

Some of the biggest brands in the world rely on Work Market

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Employee Benefits

Jobs benefits competitive salaries 59aa0e538b725509b390b37615695aabdee9e35360773f61c27d2552d48f3308

Competitive salaries

Jobs benefits stock options 50258a60cce91637207dd0b5d828452c962651bced6ea6b73475c00f5841cc22

Stock options

Jobs benefits health insurance b7a4011a1cfc86afe3c6c28792d4d391be5e45d472aec7f4e9755209c58e5a6f

Flexible health insurance

Jobs benefits vacation policy 97b89ce34b91f1bb8b4532c312f7dfaf8aed0fdbb827217ca335c684f95b3c8d

Generous vacation policy

Jobs benefits company outings e07bd7860fb31025156f6a6ff4519f3669525a40e098a8f96c2916f0e16c3b8f

Frequent company outings

Jobs benefits retirement plans ca9cb62fa0b563f0a636d2633164fcbbda337fb8b07342531ff5b249f55dc586

Retirement plans

Jobs benefits dog friendly 95743202474ef5dead0ba974690fa109f8721a0d0c58531bc3191fa81ab10ba8

Dog Friendly

Jobs benefits free lunch ad172c480d4826925f8a80f4d379ecddf4ce3c6047f67876dedf0a7f109ac968

Unlimited snacks /
Team lunch Fridays

Jobs benefits career development a26719905b1d00f9e9d12f30f5af0a1cbd23ce097f974f289c5a709a19c2e9c1

Career development

“A fun, vibrant place to work with smart people”

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Jobs awards forbes 66911ae3b500eb5663ee56847a4b28965e0e6fc275e1035d2dc6e5ad7dd95b52

Recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Companies

Jobs awards crains ce0efdd90cb355bea1cd556f28969291aaaf830f60d1c0abc1599dec0d7c8faf

Listed by Crain’s as one of NYC’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Jobs awards red herring 28196e53294177dca38aeb0ae8e714621051cbfcfefde92ac526125e97591802

Selected as Red Herring Top 100 Winner

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