Accenture Teaming with WorkMarket to Drive Shift to an Agile Workforce

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Stephen DeWitt
Stephen DeWitt
Accenture Teaming with WorkMarket to Drive Shift to an Agile Workforce

I signed on to lead WorkMarket because I knew that we could start a revolution, making it easier for workers and businesses to connect and get work done. Beyond just connecting freelancers with businesses, we’ve set out to fully automate today’s blended workforce.

Today marks an important turning point in the evolution of modern business. I’m proud to share the exciting news that WorkMarket is teaming with Accenture to turbocharge the digital revolution of work, which also includes a minority stake investment as part of the latest round of our funding.

The news means WorkMarket will continue to optimize the OS for work, the only platform for end-to-end workforce automation. WorkMarket powers an agile, modern workforce consisting of traditional employees, freelance workers and vendors that can scale virtually on-demand. The teaming with Accenture represents a major alliance to power that shift forward.

The most respected enterprises turn to Accenture for advice on how to navigate the tricky road toward digital transformation, either via cloud services implementations or otherwise tapping their deep technological capabilities and industry knowledge.

Accenture is planning on integrating WorkMarket’s capabilities into its industry leading Cloud First Applications team, which delivers cloud services for “pure play” Cloud technologies that enables clients to improve their business growth, agility and competitive advantage as they undergo the important journey of transformation by leveraging all of the benefits of cloud.

A New World of Work

The world of work is changing for businesses, elevating the need for workforce agility.

Business leaders are faced with a world that demands a better, faster, more efficient digital experience. However, businesses face this reality while struggling to be agile enough due to legacy approaches to work management.

Accenture’s recently released Technology Vision 2017 report acknowledges that to meet today’s digital demands, company leaders need to refocus on the workforce. Having the right software is important, but it’s not enough. Businesses also need to transform their operations to finally close the book on their digital transformation.

We share in Accenture’s vision that the future of work has already arrived, and digital leaders are fundamentally reinventing their workforces. Driven by a surge of on-demand labor platforms and online work management solutions, legacy models and hierarchies are being dissolved and replaced with talent marketplaces.

Truly, the on-demand enterprise will deliver the rapid innovation and organizational changes companies need to transform themselves into truly digital businesses.

Innovation in Action

Modern enterprises have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that contribute to their day-to-day success. There was a time when virtually all of these employees would be traditional 9-to-5, W-2 workers.

But with an increasingly liquid workforce, there are all types of workers – freelancers, part- and full-time employees, contractors and temps. The complexity of finding, managing, paying, and reviewing these different kinds of workers using multiple systems is untenable for lean, modern businesses.

Tracking important information like performance, for example, across an entire workforce has been a manual task – with no end-to-end system to plug and play into existing enterprise software systems and manage an entire labor cloud of skilled, on-demand workers.

WorkMarket provides that end-to-end, plug-and-play solution for managing the modern workforce, meeting businesses wherever they are in their digital transformation. We help businesses complete that digital journey for their own workforce and realize the true potential of the cloud.

WorkMarket is the cloud-fueled OS for work, leveraging intelligent automation to power the liquid workforce of tomorrow.

Building a Bright Future of Work

The collaboration between WorkMarket and Accenture is only natural. We are both focused on helping businesses digitally transform to future-proof operations and receive the full competitive advantages of the cloud and other technologies.

Accenture and WorkMarket can bring about a new world of work for enterprise clients, and I’m committed to delivering on that vision. From New York to Toronto, everyone at WorkMarket is thrilled at this opportunity to work alongside one of the world’s most innovative companies.

The word “disruption” gets thrown around a lot in our digital age, but WorkMarket’s software holds real promise to make a fundamental change to the way people work, and how businesses function at a core level.

The digital labor revolution is happening now, and with great leaders like Accenture on the right side of the shift with us, it’s happening faster than ever. Is your business ready?

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