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I use contract workers a few times a month

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Contractors are core to our business.

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Transactional Enterprise
Pricing 10% / transaction Customized
Seats Unlimited Unlimited
Spend As Needed Unlimited
Professional Service Optional View Packages
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Find the right workers
People Search
Ranking Algorithm
Recruiting Campaigns
Company Feed
Verify worker credentials
Background Checks
Drug Screening
Credential Verification
Insurance Verification
Evidence Reports
Engage with workers
Talent Pools
Document Management
Learning Management System
Manage work at scale
Assignment Requirements
Custom Fields & Workflows
Project Management
Bulk Action Tools
Assignment Bundles
Work Market RealTime™
Contact & Location Manager
W2 Worker Management
API / Web Hook Access
Pay workers through Work Market
Global Payment Engine
Payment Terms
Tax Reporting
Record Services ™ (option)
Rate Work performed
Qualitative Ratings Scorecards
Qualitative Performance Metrics
Automated Reporting
Custom Reports
Analytics Dashboard
Support for your team
Chat, Email & Phone Support
Client Success Manager

Professional Service Packages

Our success, as always, depends on yours. As such, we've developed a complete suite of professional and local services to help your team make the most of its Work Market experience.

Free Standard Deluxe Platinum Custom
WM Support and Help Center
Customer Success Manager
Kick Off
Account Set Up
Training Sessions
Process Consultation
Talent onboarding / Recruiting
API Development
“I actually started pulling old jobs from our other third-party service providers and posting them on to Work Market”
- Tanya Perry, Shopguard VP of U.S. Sales & Operations

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between the two pricing plans?

    We have two licensing models: Transaction and Subscription. The Transaction plan is best for businesses that have infrequent or unpredictable use of freelancers and independent contractors. No commitments are required for our Transaction plan.

    Our Subscription plan is designed for businesses that use freelancers and independent contractors as part of their primary business model to deliver on their value proposition. The Subscription plan is best suited for high-volume users of on-demand talent that require real-time support and a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

    We license our Subscription plans around the amount spent on contract labor. We've found that contract spend is the perfect "meter" to measure and optimize your consumption of our software platform. We're always happy to listen to your suggestions on alternate licensing models that better serve your business.

  • Tell me more about professional services.

    While most companies can get up and running on Work Market without any professional services, we do offer 3 professional services packages to help ensure our solution meets your unique business needs.

    Companies most often opt for our 'Implementation Services' package which includes us sending a Work Market implementation expert on-site to your business to assist with everything from basic configuration and organizational settings to assignment creation and advanced workflow setup.

    We also offer a 'Recruitment Services' package to help you recruit the external talent you need into your instance of Work Market.

    Lastly, some companies have systems in place that need to be integrated with Work Market to align with their specific business processes. We offer API integration help for interested companies.

    For more info about our professional services options, please download our guide.

  • How long do contracts last?

    There's no commitment with a transactional plan. Enterprise plans are contracted in intervals of a year. The longer the terms of the contract the better the pricing plan. Enterprise plans and are contracted in year-intervals.

  • How do you price enterprise plans?

    Enterprise pricing plans are created between a representative from your company and our sales team. All enterprise plans come with the entire suite of functionality, but build a customized plan based on your estimated annual contractor/freelance labor spend.

    Our pricing plans typically become more cost effective as you commit to route more work through Work Market.

    Contact a rep for details by email or at 1-877-654-WORK.

  • What do workers pay to use Work Market?

    Freelancers, independent contractors and consultants use Work Market at no cost. They can receive work and get compensated without paying anything.

    There are options for workers to purchase screenings and insurance through Work Market, but that is not a requirement to join the marketplace, find work and get paid.

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