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Work Market provides a predictable, scalable, skilled labor solution for the channel ecosystem, allowing you to optimize your costs and deliver excellent service to your customers.

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In order to provide full end-to-end services to major OEMs like Cisco, Oracle, and SAP, channel partners need to be able to deliver the talent necessary to implement technology and offer ongoing support at the right time and right location, wherever they’re needed. That’s where we come in.

Channel providers rely on Work Market to access a robust marketplace of top-rated technical talent. Whether you’re looking for certified Cisco technicians, Oracle HCM experts or cloud migration specialists, you can find the talent you need on Work Market. We’ve pre-vetted our workers with drug tests, background checks, and more to ensure their expertise and reliability.

Build Your Trusted, On-Demand Talent Pool of Top-Rated Techs

Below are some of the ways you can build your custom built talent pools

Industry Application Company Certification
Manufacturing Enterprise Performance Mgmt Cisco Cisco CCIE
Retail ERP HP HPE Certification
Financial Services Supply Chain VMware vSphere 6.0

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“I feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds. The reliability and quality of W-2 employees with the cost and flexibility of a 1099 workforce.”
- Tom Voss
CEO, Tech Americas

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Don’t Just Sell. Implement, Service & Maintain. Become a Full-Service Partner To More Customers.

In order to stay competitive, channel partners have to embrace a more holistic approach to customer success. That means moving from a transaction-only provider, to an end-to-end service provider. Partners know how critical it is to deploy the right skilled labor after the sale is done, ensuring long-term customer satisfaction and maintaining the role of Trusted Advisor.

No longer can you afford just to re-sell technology. You have to invest in the capabilities and talent that allow you to become a full-service partner to your customers. Using Work Market, channel providers can have confidence in every bid that you can not only transact the deal, but also supply the back-end services that are vital for customer service and partner profitability.

Balance Your W-2 Employees With An On-Demand Workforce And Bid On Regional, National Contracts

Perfect contractors are also expensive. For every new contract, you need to find a third party to implement it, but it’s too costly to bring a contractor in-house and put them on payroll. And when a new bid comes in, you have to hope that the your preferred contractor is ready, willing, and available to work with you when you need them. Not anymore.

Work Market is radically transforming how channel providers run their business by helping them build an optimized and highly skilled workforce. Utilize a nationwide on-demand workforce to land the biggest vendor contracts and become a trusted end-to-end advisor, regardless of your size, location, and capabilities.

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Learn why top channel providers trust Work Market for all of their value-added labor services.

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