Focus on work that matters and let us handle the hassles

Our platform is designed to reduce your administrative you can get back to doing the work that matters.

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Ease your administrative burdens

As an independent contractor, you’re usually a team of one. But with the power of the WorkMarket platform, you’ll feel like you have an entire administrative team behind you.
Fast Payments

Helping You Get Paid on Time

With our efficient payment workflows and automated invoicing, we help you get paid on time, every time. Set up auto-withdrawals so your funds go directly from WorkMarket to your bank or another account of your choosing.

Flexible payment options

Get Paid Your Way

Our secure platform offers multiple payment options so you can choose what works best for you - from ACH to pay card to international payment methods. You also have the option for early access to funds.

Efficient workflows

Your Very Own Control Center

We provide a simplified way for you to view work assignments, manage funds, follow up on payments and track invoices. We also provide you with year-end tax information.

Easy client communication

Stay Connected On The Go

We make it easy for independent contractors to connect and engage with clients. You can ask questions, upload deliverables, submit work for approval and receive payment - all on your mobile app.

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Seamless self-onboarding

Intuitive Self-Onboarding

With the WorkMarket platform, you get an onboarding checklist and automated reminders of what’s still outstanding, so you can complete onboarding quickly and start the work.

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Growing your client relationships

WorkMarket Labor Clouds help you stand out to future clients! When a business invites you to join a Labor Cloud, you have the opportunity to become a part of their pre-vetted talent base. After you receive an invitation, be sure to complete the specified requirements (such as background checks, signed agreements, uploading of certificates) so you will be eligible to receive future work.

Labor Clouds for contractors
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Are you an IT field services professional?

With big-name businesses seeking field services support on WorkMarket, there is plenty of demand for talent. From point-of-sale and digital signage gigs to opportunities in telecom, security and retail, get access to the work you want by tapping into our expanding marketplace.

Stellar support for independent contractors

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Here when you need us

We strive to make our platform as seamless as possible. But if there are hiccups along the way, we don’t expect you to go it alone. True support means being there if an issue arises — which is why our customer service team is just a click away.

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A trusted third party

We serve as a reliable third party that helps connect you and your clients. With a platform that documents communications and preserves a digital paper trail, you can feel confident and assured across every engagement.

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Companies you can trust

On our platform you’ll see a scorecard for each company showcasing its payment speed and satisfaction ratings (as determined by your peers) so you can decide which organizations offer you the best opportunities.

What our workers say

We take away the tedium. You get more time.

“WorkMarket’s platform has simplified the process of reporting the hours worked, invoicing and receiving payment for my work. I just check in and out of the assignment and submit to the client when I'm done, and the platform handles the rest!

Lisa King, WorkMarket Freelancer

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Our app. Your advantage.

Giving you an edge on-site

Our mobile app makes it easy to manage work when you’re on-site. Check in and out when you’re on location, upload photos of deliverables, and instantly communicate with your clients. Once work is completed, you can immediately submit for approval and track your payments on the app.

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  • Fast, efficient payments

  • Choose how you want to be paid

  • Reduce your administrative burden

Ready to get to work?

If you're an independent contractor, WorkMarket can help transform the way you work.

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Ready to get to work?

If you're an independent contractor, WorkMarket can help transform the way you work.

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