How businesses use Labor Clouds

Whether you’ve been invited to the WorkMarket platform by a prospective client or you’ve found us on your own, it’s important to take advantage of everything WorkMarket has to offer - especially Labor Clouds.

Labor Clouds are created by businesses that use the WorkMarket platform to attract top talent, from IT field services professionals to creative service professionals to private security workers and more. Businesses create different Labor Clouds based on business needs, which may include criteria such as skill sets, certifications, geography and more.

WorkMarket interface showing the screen to add requirements to a labor cloud

Some businesses may require you to take a test to demonstrate your proficiency, such as with a language or a particular technology.

Businesses may then invite specific independent contractors to a Labor Cloud, or they may make a Labor Cloud public so you’re able to apply once you’ve signed up for a WorkMarket account. Businesses often view their Labor Clouds as a vetted talent base that gets priority when it comes to work assignments. You may apply to as many public Labor Clouds as you like, assuming you meet the individual requirements indicated for each Labor Cloud.

Make your profile work for you

When you’re just ramping up your independent contractor business, you need as much exposure to prospective clients as possible. Leveraging your personal and professional network by asking for referrals is key, as is keeping your profile up to date on the various networking platforms you use. 

Here are some tips on how to optimize your WorkMarket profile:

  • Do a good job! Your satisfaction ratings will be the first thing clients look at.

  • Successfully complete background check and drug test as these appear prominently on your worker profile.

  • Make sure to highlight your certifications and licenses, and keep them updated! These are crucial qualifications businesses look for.

  • Be sure to write a 300-character "About" section that highlights your skills and experience, and include keywords that clients may use to search for talent.

  • Note whether you have OAI and/or CGL coverage.

  • Know your competitive rate of pay and add to profile.

  • For on-site jobs, make sure to list your availability and location

The better your profile, the more likely you are to get jobs that match your skill sets.

The value of Labor Clouds for independent contractors

On WorkMarket, you can browse the most recently created public Labor Clouds and see if your skills are a match based on the requirements listed. You may need a background check, for example, plus a certain certification.

The more Labor Clouds you apply to join, the greater exposure you will get to prospective clients and the better your chances of developing relationships with more businesses.

Keep in mind, however, that being accepted to a Labor Cloud is not a guarantee of work.

If a company has invited you to a Labor Cloud via link or email, you simply follow the same process, fulfilling the requirements needed to join. Being invited to a Labor Cloud means that a company recognizes you may have the skills and requirements they want, so be sure you respond to those invitations promptly. This is one of the best ways to position yourself for work through the WorkMarket platform. Once you’ve been accepted into a Labor Cloud, you are eligible to accept assignments from that company.

If you find you are receiving assignments that don’t match your skills, you can go in and edit your profile. Update your skills and experience to best match the types of opportunities you'd like to receive.

Get started with Labor Clouds, get to work faster

Labor Clouds help connect businesses with qualified independent contractors to quickly fill work opportunities. Take advantage of Labor Clouds to best showcase your skills to potential clients, and be sure to keep your profile updated to help you match to assignments!

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