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At WorkMarket, we partner with companies that can help support the lifestyle of our independent professionals. Services like healthcare, training, insurance and much more. We’re committed to providing our freelance community with integral services that make work easier.

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Stride new
Healthcare built for independents. Simple tools that help you save money and manage your healthcare.
Take the next step in your career with courses and certifications from Microsoft, Google, Hadoop, MongoDB, Salesforce, Java and more.
insureon now
Purchase liability and worker's compensation insurance to cover you in cases of bodily injuries or damages on the job.
Employers worldwide are searching for IT professionals with validated skills. With a CompTIA certification in hand, you'll be what they're looking for.
Background check
Verify your address, name and social security number as well as conduct a full background check.
Drug Screening
Many organizations require drug testing to ensure a safer and more productive work environment.
Protect your assets and save on tax payment simply by Incorporating your small business.
Career Academy
1 Year Access Premium Membership to over 1400 Video Training Courses covering IT Networking, Cyber Security, Project Management, and more!
Automatically separate money for taxes every time you get paid so you can spend more time doing work that matters.
Learn more about how IBM training, certification and professional development programs can help advance your career.

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“As a small business freelancer, WorkMarket's labor revolution is invaluable by allowing me the opportunity to pursue and acquire clients, contracts, and projects from a far wider and diverse global marketplace.”
Adam G., WorkMarket Freelancer

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