Automate contractor onboarding and verification.
Reduce manual tasks.

Onboard your contractors at scale and leverage automated guardrails that help enforce your business requirements.

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Attract talent

Create your own branded recruiting page to showcase your business and the opportunities you have to offer. Share with your network of contractors to initiate onboarding and verification at scale.

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Automate verification

Let WorkMarket collect and verify U.S. tax ID and W-9 information for you. WorkMarket can also verify bank accounts as quickly as same-day. And leverage our automated guardrails to help ensure workers meet your other business requirements.

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Gain real-time visibility

Monitor worker progression throughout the onboarding process, and identify which workers are missing requirements and documentation.

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Faster onboarding with Labor Clouds

Our independent contractor system allows you to organize talent into Labor Clouds based on your specific requirements. Invite workers into Labor Clouds for automated verification of U.S. tax ID and bank account information and any other conditions you've pre-set, including:

  • Background checks, drug tests

  • Licenses, certifications

  • Signed NDAs

  • Customizable tests to assess worker skills

  • Worker location

When contractors receive an invitation to a Labor Cloud, they will be guided through the onboarding process. Labor Clouds are dynamically monitored to help ensure only the contractors who meet your requirements remain in the group.

Seamless onboarding and verification

Our automated workflows are designed to reduce manual effort and
oversight, so you can get your contractors to the work faster.

Onboarding at scale

Upload hundreds or even thousands of workers to the WorkMarket platform to initiate onboarding. Or you can share your branded recruiting page with your network of contractors to start the process. Integrate with your other systems as well to facilitate seamless onboarding via our open API.

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Intuitive self-onboarding for workers

WorkMarket makes it easy for you to designate your onboarding requirements. Workers are then guided through a simple interface showcasing the requirements they need to fulfill, and receive automated prompts for missing documentation. WorkMarket stores and captures all worker information in one place.

WorkMarket interface showing onboarding requirements

Real-time visibility into onboarding status

As workers complete their onboarding requirements, you can easily monitor their progress to keep work assignments on track. View status by worker, date and overall completion rate.

WorkMarket interface showing a talent dashboard
2 WorkMarket interfaces showing the send and receipt of invitations to join WorkMarketWorkMarket interface showing onboarding requirementsWorkMarket interface showing a talent dashboard
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See WorkMarket in action

Explore our interactive demo to see how you can leverage automation to manage independent contractors — and virtually eliminate manual processes — from onboarding to pay.

Client Story

Cielo24 accelerates onboarding and increases daily throughput by 20%

With WorkMarket, cielo24 efficiently recruits and onboards, helping to ensure workers meet requirements while better positioning the business for increased market demand.

"With WorkMarket, we have greater control over assessments during onboarding, which in turn gives us a better gauge of the quality of workers we have available to us."

Cynthia Aguirre, Senior Director, cielo24

How can WorkMarket work for you? Let's talk.

Speak to our team about how we can help you manage your independent contractors efficiently and compliantly.

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The all-in-one system to manage your independent contractors:

  • Efficient onboarding

  • Organize talent

  • Manage work assignments

  • Fast, flexible payments

  • Improve compliance

  • Dashboard reporting and analytics

  • Integrate with your existing systems

WorkMarket FAQs

Verifying tax ID and banking information is a critical step in paying independent contractors. Otherwise, you could violate withholding requirements, not to mention the inability to pay workers on time. WorkMarket simplifies this part of the onboarding process for you by capturing and verifying worker tax ID and bank information and storing it for future reference - so you don't have to.

Absolutely! WorkMarket makes it easy for you to onboard your existing contractors onto our platform. Our implementation team will work with you to create a frictionless onboarding experience for you and your contractors.