Pay your independent contractors on time, every time.

Pay your workers in the U.S. and internationally with automated and secure processes.

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Pay on time

Streamline the payment process from pre-set payment terms (Net 15, Net 30) to automated invoice generation. Your contractors get paid quickly and with their preferred payment method.

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Pay at scale

Pay thousands of workers on-demand through bulk payment capabilities and automated payment calculations. We also integrate with other systems to facilitate payments.

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Pay your way

Leverage our end-to-end platform so payments are automatically made as work is completed. Just need a solution to pay your contractors? We can help with that, too.

Bringing compliance a little closer

An audit trail (without the admin time)

  • Tax ID verification and electronic W-9 capture
    We verify U.S. worker tax IDs and capture W-9s during onboarding to help ensure accurate year-end tax reporting and prevent fraud.

  • Non-statutory deductions and garnishments*
    We help you withhold non-statutory deductions like rent, fees, overpayments and insurance, as well as child support garnishments, from contractor earnings.

  • Invoice audit trail
    We automatically generate invoices on behalf of workers so you have an audit trail for every transaction.

  • Electronic filing of 1099-NEC forms
    We automatically prepare and electronically file 1099-NEC forms with the IRS and applicable state agencies. Copies are made available to your workers too. Learn about the IRS e-filing mandate here.

Backed by ADP®

WorkMarket by ADP gives you the trust and security of a comprehensive human capital management company. Leveraging ADP's seven-plus decades of experience, we harness the financial strength and technology leadership of a global company to position you for success. When you choose us, your business is in good hands.


Everything you need to make pay easy

From automated invoicing to 1099-NEC form prep and electronic filing,
we facilitate visibility and reporting every step of the way.

Automated invoice generation

WorkMarket automatically generates invoices on behalf of the worker based on payment terms. See which invoices are coming due, and easily pay them individually or in bulk.

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Visibility into contractor spend and usage

Get the business insights you need to make strategic decisions. Analyze spend across projects, clients and contractors to assess cost and profitability. Forecast spend to prepare for business growth. Run and schedule reports, such as paid vs. unpaid invoices, to accurately track operational expenses.

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Flexible payment options for workers

Contractors prefer working with you when you pay on time and in the way they want. With WorkMarket, contractors choose how they want to be paid — from ACH to pay card and international payment methods. Workers also have the option of early access to funds.

WorkMarket interface showing payment preferences in desktop and mobile screens

Easily fund your account

Having the funds available to pay your workers is essential. With WorkMarket, there are multiple ways to fund your account including ACH and wire transfers.

WorkMarket interface for the process to set up a payment method
WorkMarket interface showing invoices to be paid and the payment confirmation pop upWorkMarket interface showing contractor metric graphsWorkMarket interface showing payment preferences in desktop and mobile screensWorkMarket interface for the process to set up a payment method
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See WorkMarket in action

Explore our interactive demo to see how you can leverage automation to manage independent contractors — and virtually eliminate manual processes — from onboarding to pay.

Client Story

Source Support's worker satisfaction rating increases to 99.5% with expedited payments

Source Support, an IT services company, streamlines payments with WorkMarket, effectively scaling its business without adding more people while managing an increased workload. Workers also enjoy expedited payments upon completion of the assigned...

"Finance is more streamlined as we are able to invoice tickets on a regular schedule and pay through the WorkMarket portal, giving us more time to work on other projects.”

Cameron Truss, Business Manager, Source Support

How can WorkMarket work for you? Let's talk.

Speak to our team about how we can help you manage your independent contractors efficiently and compliantly.

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The all-in-one system to manage your independent contractors:

  • Efficient onboarding

  • Organize talent

  • Manage work assignments

  • Fast, flexible payments

  • Improve compliance

  • Dashboard reporting and analytics

  • Integrate with your existing systems

WorkMarket FAQs

No. Independent contractors are not paid the same way as full-time employees. Contractors are usually paid on a per-project basis vs. a payroll schedule, which is how employees are typically paid. Leveraging a contractor management system can help you pay your contractors quickly and efficiently, so that you can retain talented workers.

Absolutely. WorkMarket offers flexible payment options, including several ways to pay internationally. Get in touch with us to learn more.

* The term “non-statutory deductions” is used solely for ease of reference and its use is not meant to indicate or imply an employer/employee relationship. WorkMarket does not handle garnishment withholding calculations, remittance to agencies, or agency reporting.