Your systems. Our systems. Totally in sync.

WorkMarket's open API and modular design enables integration with your existing systems - from accounting software to CRM and beyond. Eliminate disjointed systems that leave room for error.

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CRM, service & ticketing

Create work requests in other systems and send to contractors on WorkMarket. Whether they onboard in our system or yours, information passes back and forth consistently.

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ERP and accounting

As work is completed, assignment information in WorkMarket is passed to your ERP or accounting systems through event triggers or other automation rules.

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If you use applicant tracking systems, you can integrate them with WorkMarket to easily invite contractors to onboard - and pay them as well.

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Your implementation partner

As your partner throughout this process, we work collaboratively with you to create automated, "touchless" integrations based on your business needs.

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Intelligent automation based on your unique business needs

We make the platform work for you rather than you having to "work with the platform."

Here are examples of how we can implement integrations for you:

  • Onboarding/verifying
    Onboard in WorkMarket and push worker profile information into another system for record keeping.

  • Managing work assignments
    Generate a ticket in another system and pass to WorkMarket for workers to fulfill the job.

  • Paying contractors
    Feed data from your accounting or financial systems into WorkMarket to execute on payments.

How WorkMarket integrates
with your existing applications

Open API

Use API and web-hook technology to consistently pass data back and forth between WorkMarket and other systems so you have the information you need to make decisions faster.

Illustration showing how the WorkMarket Open API connects with existing ERPs, CRMs, and recruiting tools

Custom automation rules

We help you build automated workflows based on your business rules and triggers. You can also add logic to determine whether to run automation rules.

Illustration showing how WorkMarket APIs and Webhooks automate workflows with sequences, rules and scheduling

Bulk uploads

Export files out of other systems and easily feed them into WorkMarket to initiate workflows. Easily export data from WorkMarket into other systems.

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Illustration showing how the WorkMarket Open API connects with existing ERPs, CRMs, and recruiting toolsIllustration showing how WorkMarket APIs and Webhooks automate workflows with sequences, rules and schedulingIllustration showing multiple documents being uploaded together

Modular or end-to-end solutions

Mix and match to create a solution that works for you

WorkMarket is an end-to-end platform for managing your independent contractors. But we also designed our product to be modular. Just need us for onboarding and payments? We’ve got you covered. At WorkMarket, we’ll meet you exactly where you are as your business grows.

Illustration showing onboarding through tax filings with WorkMarket Open API Integrations
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See WorkMarket in action

Explore our interactive demo to see how you can leverage automation to manage independent contractors — and virtually eliminate manual processes — from onboarding to pay.

Client Story

WorkMarket helps Quantum reduce dispatch time

With WorkMarket, Quantum has reduced the time to dispatch field workers from 72 hours to just minutes. By integrating with Quantum's existing IT infrastructure, work orders initiate in one system and flow into Workmarket to handle assignment and payment.

"Both the platform and the partnership with WorkMarket have been excellent.”

Alin Mihalcea, Business Analyst, Quantum Installations Group

How can WorkMarket work for you? Let's talk.

Speak to our team about how we can help you manage your independent contractors efficiently and compliantly.

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The all-in-one system to manage your independent contractors:

  • Efficient onboarding

  • Organize talent

  • Manage work assignments

  • Fast, flexible payments

  • Improve compliance

  • Dashboard reporting and analytics

  • Integrate with your existing systems