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Say goodbye to manual processes.

Your time is precious. That's why we imbed automation into our platform
at every point possible, taking once-tedious tasks off your plate so you
can spend your time in smarter ways.

How WorkMarket can benefit your business

WorkMarket can help grow your business by attracting talent, automating manual processes,
and meeting SLAs while reducing compliance risks and administrative costs.

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Attract top-tier talent

Getting the right independent contractor for the task — and retaining them — can often be a struggle. WorkMarket helps handle the hassles of managing contractors while creating a great experience for your talent. We simplify onboarding, provide quick, flexible payments and more. All so you can build an independent contractor workforce that works.

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Engage contractors quickly to meet customer demand

Identifying the right people for the job can be a long, arduous process. But with WorkMarket, you can rapidly engage with the right contractors for your job in a matter of minutes. This enables you to deploy and deliver more swiftly — and shorten SLAs — for your own clients and customers, so they keep coming back.

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Scale your business fast

Leveraging independent contractors is often the best way to level-up your company, but the more contractors (and work) you have, the harder it is to manage everything. From onboarding to payment, WorkMarket helps you execute your operations at scale so you can easily handle higher volumes and grow your business — without growing your administrative burden.

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Improve compliance

Compliance and verification of worker credentials are essential to the success of your business, but errors in this arena can cause serious consequences. What’s more, the rules and regulations around independent contracting frequently shift and evolve. In this high-stakes environment, WorkMarket can help. Our system allows you to put automatic guardrails in place to help mitigate risk and feel confident your business requirements are met.

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Gain visibility into your workforce

How many independent contractors are you hiring? How much do they cost? Do you have the people, bandwidth, and time to take on new work in specific regions? We deliver critical analytics that answer your utilization, spend and resourcing questions, offering full visibility into your independent contractor workforce so you can take your organization further.

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Reduce cost, drive profitability

WorkMarket increases value for your business in myriad ways, whether by reducing costs through integration and automation or realizing revenue through time-saving features. We also provide real-time insight into utilization and spend so you can make more strategic business and hiring decisions.

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happy female worker with tablet at warehouseWorker loading a delivery truck with boxesA group of workers reviewing documents togetherWorkMarket interfaces showing a list of invoices and a tax information submission confirmation screenWorkMarket interface showing contractor metric graphsTwo business people reviewing an analytics dashboard together at a computer

A single platform for IT workforce management

We help you attract, recruit, onboard, manage and pay your independent IT contractors easily, efficiently and compliantly.

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Bringing compliance a little closer

An audit trail (without the admin time). WorkMarket helps you:

  • Furnish and electronically file 1099-NEC forms with IRS and applicable state agencies

  • Generate an invoice for every transaction

  • Collect and verify bank information (as quickly as same day) and US worker tax ID

  • Withhold non-statutory deductions* and child support garnishments

  • Conduct background checks and drug tests through third parties

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The all-in-one system to manage your independent contractors:

  • Efficient onboarding

  • Organize talent

  • Manage work assignments

  • Fast, flexible payments

  • Improve compliance

  • Dashboard reporting and analytics

  • Integrate with your existing systems

* The term “non-statutory deductions” is used solely for ease of reference and its use is not meant to indicate or imply an employer/employee relationship. WorkMarket does not handle garnishment withholding calculations, remittance to agencies, or agency reporting.