The war for talent is on. Especially in the IT services channel where demand for new skills (think IOT, mobility, analytics, security) grows as quickly as new technology is being ushered into society.

A recent Service Council survey found that 71% of service executives expect to face a field service talent shortage in the next 10 years. How do service providers overcome this formidable challenge?

Years of working with some of the most successful technology companies have taught me that those who view challenges like this as an opportunity to stand out are the ones who reap the rewards. I like to call them “game-changers.” They see possibilities where others see fear.

The burgeoning growth in the tech services channel has created an “independent contractors market” in terms of highly skilled tech professionals. Forward thinking businesses develop ways to tap into this human cloud of skilled freelancers and streamline their staffing operations through the use of independent contractors. There are 4 ways to start modernizing your field service operation:

1. Talent All-stars (On-Demand)

Change the way you think about your top performers. Today’s freelancers are also today’s talent all stars – contractors come with multi-skill sets and the ability to ramp up quickly. This model proves to be particularly cost-effective for the channel, since contractors are responsible for their own training, licensing, and equipment.

2. Management-in-a-Box (in-the-Cloud)

Re-evaluate your workforce management processes and embrace what modern technology has to offer. Traditional tools like spreadsheets or point solutions are outdated compared to existing SaaS technology, which can provide an entirely new set of capabilities for businesses looking to do more on-demand and through the cloud. Most SaaS solutions are subscription based, which helps lower day-to-day costs while offering flexibility and customization. SaaS vendors streamline operations by providing software upgrades, security, and maintenance services.

3. The Ultimate Field Service Dashboard

Okay, so it can seem like everything is in the cloud when it comes to workforce automation, and too many tools can overwhelm and overlap. Consolidating all aspects of workforce management onto one platform allows for consistency, compliance, and visibility. A cloud-based, labor management software solution can help you keep tabs on your entire workforce—full time as well as on-demand—all from one simple dashboard.

4. Mobile Access – and Accessibility

One way to successfully adopt on-demand workforce quickly is by arming them with the information and tools they need to be successful in the field. Powerful mobile apps allow them to communicate in real time with your on-site experts, access tutorials or product specs while in the field, as well as reach off-site end users and accomplish key tasks before, during, and after a site visit.

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