5 Highlights from Field Service Amelia Island 2018

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WorkMarket Team
WorkMarket Team
5 Highlights from Field Service Amelia Island 2018

The WorkMarket team attended Field Service Amelia Island last week. We had an amazing time learning from leaders in the field service industry, sharing and consuming new trends, and networking with new and old friends around the country.

Here is a quick recap of 5 highlights from Field Service Amelia Island 2018.

1. Technology is disrupting the industry

With the rise of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other disruptive technologies, manufacturers and field service organizations are thinking bigger and recognizing that field service can be a highly profitable line of business.

Automation is making it easier than ever before for organizations and companies to build and scale an agile workforce at minimal cost. While, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are also giving businesses the power to colloborate visually and share knowledge.

2. Customer transparency remains a priority

The most popular sessions and workshops all revolved around customer transparency and delivering service in real-time. Companies like Siemens leverage an agile wokeforce in order to meet increasing customer expectations and demands.

Govind Sundaraarajan, Rockwell Automation's Director of Service, agrees that transparency with customers is paramount to scaling. "One way to grow your line of business is showing savings and productivity for customers."

3. The hosts were outstanding

The Ritz-Carlton was absolutely beautiful. It's location right on the water allowed breathtaking views and the staff was incredibly nice and very accommodating. The New York team especially appreciated meeting Tony from the Bronx. He made waiting in the check-in line enjoyable.

4. The food

Everyone a part of Field Service Amelia Island was treated a king's supply of different snacks- ice cream, donuts, cinnamon buns, and fruit. Each one of our team members in attendance felt like they needed two days to recover from the snacks alone.

5. WorkMarket luncheon

The most rewarding part of our trip was hosting our amazing customers and partners for a special lunch. Some of the leading names in the Field Service industry had a chance to network and colloborate with peers to share trending topics and address business problems and opportunities.

Our lunch was led by keynote speaker Charles Hughes, former Director of IT Services at Walgreen's. He now acts as Vice President of Technical Site Service at Acuative. Learn more about how Charles was able to take field services to new heights and reduce costs by 40%.

Discussion's revolved around strategies for developing an agile workforce, increasing visibility for customers, how to determine rates of service, and biggest hurdles to organizational growth.

Monday's luncheon was a huge success

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