Why Automation Is No Longer an Option for Worker Regulation Compliance

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, and across virtually every industry, times are changing. Technology is fueling a rapid shift toward a liquid workforce. Freelancers, contract workers, vendors, full-time and part-time employees are beginning to work together in agile "labor clouds" that deliver serious results. It’s an exciting time, but this shift is also putting businesses at risk of a compliance nightmare.

The Trouble with Employee Compliance Laws

As the nature of work evolves, labor-law compliance has grown increasingly tricky for modern business leaders. Laws haven’t kept pace with innovation, and we’ve seen dramatic examples of how the “grey area” in these laws means even businesses with the best intentions can run into trouble. With steep penalties and the potential for back-pay settlements, the cost of non-compliance can be massive. Just ask FedEx.

If that makes you nervous, you’re not alone. 1/3 of mid-sized businesses in the US have been fined or penalized for non-compliance, with one Fortune 50 retailer being issued $10M in fines as a result of worker misclassification.

Even though the new administration is expected to be less focused on business regulations and enforcement, Google has already found out the hard way that you simply can’t count on it. Total compliance is the only way to ensure you won’t end up answering tough questions from the IRS or Department of Labor, including with regard to worker classification.

Solving Compliance through Automation

WorkMarket recently partnered with industry-leading staffing firm Atrium to tackle this important problem. With deep expertise in labor compliance, the capability to provide Employer of Record (EoR) services when needed, and a 20-year track record of success, Atrium is the ideal partner to help safeguard the future of work.

The result of this relationship is the seamless integration of Atrium’s Engagent tool in the WorkMarket Platform — finally restoring business leaders’ confidence that their workforce is fully compliant with state and federal labor laws.

For the first time, business leaders can automate total workforce compliance across their entire business — all from a single platform.

How it Works

The Engagent tool is now seamlessly integrated into the WorkMarket platform, offering a compelling option for ensuring total compliance so you can focus on getting work done.

From electronic audit trails to document retention and more, Engagent ensures business leaders don’t have to choose between the flexibility of a liquid workforce and the need to protect their organization from compliance risk.

Key benefits of compliance automation via WorkMarket include:

  • Increased efficiency through online requests for compliance evaluation

  • Secure electronic audit trails through automated document retention

  • Improved freelancer relations with a more efficient and transparent approval process

  • Searchable history of contractor engagements for future reference

End Your Compliance Concerns

As a business leader in the digital age, there are plenty of tough questions to keep you up at night. Don’t let compliance concerns add to your list of stressors.

With WorkMarket, compliance becomes a worry of the past that can finally be automated away.