Company Scorecards Promote Accountability in Freelance Marketplaces

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Stephan Newhouse
Stephan Newhouse
January 06, 2015
Company Scorecards Promote Accountability in Freelance Marketplaces

The the most successful online marketplaces are built around trust and transparency. And one of the easiest ways to establish trust in an online marketplace is to allow buyers and sellers to review each other. It’s why the eBay model works so well. Buyer and seller ratings are considered the holy grail to members of that community. Freelance marketplaces are no different.

Company scorecards, and even worker scorecards for that matter, help establish trust and credibility in the freelance marketplace. Using crowdsourced ratings, workers and businesses in the can evaluate each other based on past performance and make intelligent decisions about who they choose to do business with. These scorecards can help mitigate performance risk, facilitate meaningful connections and strengthen the marketplace.


That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our improved “Company Scorecards” which will provide the thousands of independent workers in the WorkMarket community an easier way to evaluate the quality and performance of the companies who are vying for their services.

Company Scorecards on Assignment Pages

Now, on top of every assignment page, you’ll be able to hover over the company’s name and view a comprehensive “Company Scorecard” on everything from Approval Time, Payment Timeliness and Satisfaction Rating.

Workers in the WorkMarket marketplace will now be able view a “Company Scorecard” before applying to assignments. They’ll be able to see, all from the Assignment “Apply” box:

  • Any past due payments
  • Any assignments that are late being approved
  • How many assignments they have pending payment
  • How many of those pending payment assignments are past due
  • What their satisfaction percentage is

We’ve also incorporated helpful indicators on the Assignment pages that will turn a company’s name red on the page if they have missed payment deadlines, been late to approve assignments, etc. Company Scorecards will display on any and every of the WorkMarket interface, that includes on the mobile app, in “First to Accept” assignments and more.

Just like company’s vet worker skills and past performance, our freelancers can now benefit from enhanced visibility into the companies they’re being recruited by. They’ll be able to better manage project risk and become a little more selective on who they choose to work with.

We’re excited about the opportunity to further improve the quality of our marketplace with new Company Scorecards. It’s just another way we’re powering the future of work.