Over the last several months we have worked closely with you, our workers, to learn more about your unique stories. Your success using WorkMarket’s platform is incredibly inspiring, with many of you earning six-figure salaries. Yet, even more heartening is learning how WorkMarket enabled you to customize your careers to save time and money, and accommodate your personal life so that you could care for your loved ones, play with your children, or invest in your career development. WorkMarket allows freelancers to eliminate wasteful, unnecessary meetings or long commutes, and focus on what really matters to their lives and careers. Our mission is to enable people and companies to work efficiently and productively, and knowing more about you helps us create a platform that will empower your career.

In that spirit, WorkMarket and social entrepreneur and #OnDemandWorker, Natalie Zfat, are sharing important advice on how to start and grow your freelance career. More than ever before, businesses are turning to freelancers and independent contractors to stay nimble and competitive, and we’re here to help you take advantage of this modern work dynamic. In the video series below, Natalie shares her own journey into the #freelancelife, addresses key issues to creating success, and debunks some of the myths about freelance careers. We encourage you to share these informative videos with your fellow freelance friends and communities!

Video Series

  1. Choosing to become a freelancer

  2. How I started my business

  3. Hiring and finding my freelance team

  4. Working smarter, not harder