Dropbox CEO Discusses the Future of Work with Forbes

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WorkMarket Editorial Team
WorkMarket Editorial Team
September 17, 2020
Dropbox CEO Discusses the Future of Work with Forbes

Newsjack: Dropbox CEO Discusses the Future of Work with Forbes

2020 has brought significant change to how we work, when we work and where we work. We were already on the path to the anytime, anywhere workplace mentality, but 2020 accelerated that trend to the here and now.

Drew Houston, the CEO of Dropbox, told Forbes in a recent interview that, “We are all experiencing the shift to remote work in the most dramatic and unplanned way as possible. And I think we all have been pleasantly surprised on how tolerable the experience has been and that it can be effective.”

As this shift continues, businesses are realizing that their workforce can be expanded and they no longer rely on the physical location of the office in order to recruit their workforce. The rise of the gig economy and the realization that the work from home model is effective has enhanced the productivity and agility of businesses worldwide. And, as Houston mentions in his interview, that technology will play a pivotal role in the future of work. Hear more of what he had to tell Forbes in this video.

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