How One California Company Adjusted to New Freelance Ruling

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WorkMarket Team
WorkMarket Team
How One California Company Adjusted to New Freelance Ruling

If you're involved with your company's contingent labor, and you're located in California, then you're probably trying to figure out how to compliantly manage and engage your independent contractors (ICs) due to the fast-changing rules and regulations impacting your freelance workforce.

The good news is some California businesses are creatively responding by ensuring they can pay workers same day. But paying dozens, or hundreds, of ICs and freelancers per day creates a large burden on a company's back office teams. This creates two challenges for businesses currently using ICs in California:

  1. How to more easily pay contractors on a daily basis?
  2. How to drive & enforce consistency in rates across each line of business?

As an independent creative and content production company, their use of freelancers enables them to complete work efficiently and scale.

"We had a manual process for contracting, negotiating, and paying our freelancers," said a C-level executive who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "Then when the ruling in California came through, we really had no answer for some of our best freelancers in the state."

How automation helps pay same day

Administrative teams were burdened by Excel spreadsheets, phone calls, faxes, and other manual processes. These inefficient workflows were costing hundreds of lost hours per week.

The agency found their solution with WorkMarket. WorkMarket's solution, alongside a seamless API integration with Netsuite, empowered the staff to automate billing, invoicing, and payment processes for freelancers on a large scale.

Through WorkMarket, they now have the technology in place to efficiently manage and engage their freelance workforce while adhering to statewide worker guidelines.

"It was an easy decision to use WorkMarket as our Freelance Management System," said the C-level executive.

"We have a much more automated process and can take on more work from our clients. Plus, our freelancers are incredibly happy to get paid so quickly. It's a win for everyone."

To learn more about how some California businesses are creatively responding to the changing regulatory landscape and how you can use those best practices, email [email protected]. To request more information or get a free consultation from one of our workforce experts, click here.

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