An Inside look into Business Development at WorkMarket

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Jonathan Covey
Jonathan Covey
Workforce Practice Lead
An Inside look into Business Development at WorkMarket

Most sales organizations emphasize good work ethic and persistence as they are crucial ingredients of successful performance. However, what differentiates younger companies such as WorkMarket is our openness for experimentation. Because we are building brand equity, have fewer resources, and are leaders in a very unsaturated market, we are traversing a course less traveled, and that requires a special sense of inventiveness.

“We continue to refine our processes, but embedded in that is creativity,” says Account Executive Delauno Hinson of WorkMarket’s Business Development team. After more than 11 months into my role on the team, I believe Delauno is describing a compelling philosophy, a Culture of Trying.

WorkMarket’s tightly knit Business Development team embraces experimentation. Each of us has an intrinsic sense of finding innovative ways to get in front of and influence prospects. If you can make a compelling ROI for an out-of-the-box outreach idea, it will be met not with interference, but with support from leadership and excitement among others on the floor.

With creative autonomy comes responsibility for results. We test and analyze all activity and performance in the field against our predictions. Constantly, we fine-tune messaging, targeting personas, company profiles, demonstration delivery, and any significant variable that could affect pipeline generation and progression. Leadership and team support for creativity and execution sets WorkMarket apart from other larger SaaS enterprises.

The company’s tremendous and unvarying vision also advances its Culture of Trying. WorkMarket is creating a frictionless exchange between skilled professionals and businesses, disrupting the future of work in the enterprise. Such big vision facilitates experimentation because it gives value to work and keeps the larger picture in mind. Our acquisition by Fortune 250 provider ADP in January 2018 was an exciting victory in our journey as a startup that will accelerate our path to success.

In reference to new business, Senior Account Executive Scott Lancet once said, “there’s a lot of blue ocean out there - ADP recognized that, and we have a rare opportunity to be in a space where demand is exponentially growing, but there’s very little market saturation.” Scott’s attitude encourages WorkMarket representatives to be brave - to move fast and stay aggressive - and to venture into uncharted waters. That kind of attitude exemplifies the creative ambition--the Culture of Trying-- that WorkMarket espouses.

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