Automating Manual Processes to Become a Multi-Million Dollar Enterprise: The Mega Services Story

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WorkMarket Diversity & Inclusion Committee
WorkMarket Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Automating Manual Processes to Become a Multi-Million Dollar Enterprise: The Mega Services Story

From manual processes to multi-million-dollar profits through WorkMarket automation, Mega Services has been at the forefront of audiovisual (AV) technology solutions for more than 14 years. Rapid growth and increasing customer demand, however, forced the company to rethink its workforce management processes.

“I was able to successfully coordinate the scheduling and routing of a technician to a remote worksite—while at my son’s lacrosse practice.” - Jennifer, Operations Manager, Mega Services

The Challenges of an Expanding Footprint

October of 2013 was a seminal moment in the development of Mega Services. Mike Greckel—the owner of Mega Services, an innovative AV resources company—had spent more than a decade finding, dispatching, and paying its growing workforce of field engineers through mostly manual processes. Data was stored in complex spreadsheets. Communication with the engineers was conducted through the phone or email. Then a breakthrough collaboration with an international client forced Mega Services to scale its workforce—rapidly.

A New Era of Productivity & Revenue

Mega Services’ transition from manual processes to WorkMarket’s seamless and automated software platform dramatically increased its capacity to capture new workflow and service requests. Customer service reps who were once inundated with process were suddenly able to dedicate their time to creating and fulfilling more business opportunities—while enhancing customer satisfaction and generating more revenue.

The switch to WorkMarket elevated Mega Services’ productivity and appreciation for how SaaS technologies can create new ways of enhancing efficiency and increasing profitability.

Mike explained, “WorkMarket is very user friendly and easy to learn, we literally went from capturing 15 to 20 jobs a month to 15 to 20 jobs in day. That’s right, in one day. My revenue numbers reached up to $400,000 a month. There was an extraordinary increase in the amount of project management we could accomplish through the new SaaS system.”

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The Power of Data & Transparency

Mega Services, like many field service providers, experienced challenges in mitigating rogue spend. Hidden costs built into burdensome manual processes and redundant procedures were difficult to isolate. Sometimes busy field engineers struggled to manage their workflows and paperwork, and asked customer service reps and operations managers for redundant project or payment information. WorkMarket’s platform, however, provided Mega Services instant and complete transparency into every nuance of operations—from hiring and dispatching to service fulfilment and payments.

Knowing the specific skills sets and work profile of every field engineer makes leveraging large talent pools of technicians simple. WorkMarket’s APIs and automated telephony features seamlessly integrated into Mega Service’s support software, increasing first-time resolutions and customer satisfaction. Data-driven decisions ensure the right field engineer is sent to the right place at the right time. Every time.

The Real-World Benefits of Cloud Technology

Since 2013, Mega Services has leveraged WorkMarket’s platform to scale resources and services across the US. The company now offers its growing list of clients across America everything from helpdesk support on single location projects to multiple nationwide rollouts. This streamlined ability to scale easily and compliantly while employing top-rated field engineers has resulted in more business, greater customer satisfaction, and significant revenue gains.

Mega Services’ annual profits went from $500,000 to millions thanks to WorkMarket. “We were able to completely transform our manual system that used spreadsheets and email routing to procure and pay field engineers, to a cloud-based platform that gave us full control of every step of the process.” For Mega Service employees like Jennifer, working with cloud-based technology means she can effortlessly send field engineers anywhere in America—all while at her son’s lacrosse practice.