Introducing The All-New WorkMarket Mobile App

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Dan Williams
Dan Williams
Mobile Product Manager
Introducing The All-New WorkMarket Mobile App

No mobile experience stays the same for very long. There are 1.6 million apps available on the Google Play Store alone, with many of them releasing updates frequently. With every update, the experience changes that much more. With so much of your life—including your work—online and on-the-go, it’s annoying when the apps you depend on don’t work like you need them to.

That’s the biggest reason we’re so excited about the new WorkMarket app on Android, which will help thousands of working professionals around the country better find and manage their work on-the-go.

Here’s Whats New

The new WorkMarket app, available now on the Google Play Store, is the first step in improving the way independent professionals find and engage with work on their Android devices. From accessing and completing your projects to getting paid faster, the app’s brand new design, simple navigation, and improved overall user experience lets you easily manage all aspects of your work on the go.

With the new Android app, you can:

  • Find Work – Search and apply for new work by scrolling through all of WorkMarket’s available work listings
  • Saved Feature – Flag and save all potential assignments that you may be interested in applying at a later date
  • Location Mapping – Locate potential assignments and visualize them on our map
  • Withdraw Funds—You can now withdraw funds directly from the app.
  • Squashed Bugs/Resolved Crashes – As is customary with every new version.

If you’ve downloaded and are using the previous version of this app, you can still continue to use it exactly as you are now. The new app, however, is where we will release new features, design updates, and stability improvements for a better total experience.

We’ll constantly be making updates to the app. To stay ahead of the curve, we’re inviting you to download the app and help us test it out. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to let us know—we’re always here to help.