News Update on H1B Visa Changes

A recent executive order in the last week in June freezes the issuance of temporary H1B work visas. With the new executive order in place, all green cards and temporary worker visas, namely the H-1B, H-2B, J and L, are frozen through the end of the year. Commonly used by businesses to secure the services of skilled workers across the globe and was widely known as the “cornerstone of staffing IT positions.” While the order will not affect current H1B visa holders, it will affect any visas that will be issued beginning of the U.S. federal fiscal year for 2021, which begins in October.

Contingent Workers Offer Alternative Solution

While it isn't a perfect solution, contingent workers and workers from outside countries can still provide remote support. Those valued H-1B Visa workers can continue to provide the critical support your business needs, but from their home country and avoid the challenge of obtaining a work permit.

A CPA Practice Advisory report found that “63% of workers and managers say that remote work is either as or more productive than traditional office work,“ meaning that the majority of the workforce can be just as or even more productive from a remote location than physically within the office.

Research indicates that the contingent workforce is expected to reach 40% of the available talent pool by this year, with 30% of workers choosing this career path according to McKinsey. With more talent choosing this way of working, the talent pool for businesses is growing to include a much wider variety of specialized workers with strong skill sets. Businesses need to incorporate a flexible, agile workforce strategy and continue to meet their customers’ needs.

The global health event has taught all of us that remote working is a valid, productive strategy and by tapping into this alternative arrangement, businesses can obtain a competitive advantage.

The path towards the Future of Work, including more flexible and remote work opportunities, was already in motion. There are rapid changes taking place in how businesses engage and procure talent, moving from a full-time employee model to an on-demand, agile model.

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