Tech Leaders Preview Future of Work at WorkMarket Exchange

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WorkMarket Editorial Team
WorkMarket Editorial Team
April 26, 2017
Tech Leaders Preview Future of Work at WorkMarket Exchange

Modern enterprises find themselves at a crossroads: business leaders know they must evolve to meet the demands of a digital age, or instead be outpaced by competitors and left in the dust.

What has been somewhat less clear is exactly how businesses should go about this transformation.

Amidst this unique moment for the modern enterprise, WorkMarket hosted the inaugural WorkMarket Exchange, welcoming an unmatched group of company leaders, luminaries, investors, and policymakers for a crossover conversation around digital workforce transformation. In a keynote address at WorkMarket Exchange, WorkMarket CEO Stephen DeWitt laid out a bold vision for a world of work “built from the cloud up,” powered by the OS for work.

WorkMarket Exchange 2017

WorkMarket Exchange brought together top executives across a variety of industries to answer some of the most pressing questions about preparing for the future of work. WorkMarket founder Jeff Wald challenged attendees to explore “how we take what’s possible, and make it a reality for businesses of all sizes.”

WorkMarket Chief Technology Officer Jim Chou and Chief Customer Officer Tom Benton shared their vision for nimble labor clouds that bring unprecedented agility and efficiency to operations while boosting overall quality. They also showed how WorkMarket makes labor clouds possible through intelligent automation.

During panel discussions and fireside chats, leaders from companies like Twitter, New York Times, Walgreens, Warby Parker and more offered their own unique perspectives on how businesses can leverage technology to make the most of the rise of flexible work.

The consensus was that businesses need an agile workforce with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time in order to deliver maximum value to their customers or clients. Anything less will simply not be competitive in the digital age.

Accenture looks for “the next Salesforce”

As many of the world’s top enterprises navigate the digital transformation journey, they’ve turned to Accenture for advice and support to make that shift a reality. Accenture has been first to identify the cloud players like Salesforce that will make a serious impact on businesses around the world.

Part of their strategy, as Accenture’s Shawn Ivey describes it during a fireside chat at WorkMarket Exchange, is to always look for the “next Salesforce,” the innovative pure-play cloud platforms that are going to make a tangible impact for their enterprise clients.

True believers in the possibilities of new work models, Accenture has also been among the leading voices announcing the future of an agile or “liquid workforce” to meet the needs of digitizing businesses across every industry.

It’s only natural, then, that [Accenture would invest in WorkMarket]( and bring the WorkMarket platform to its clients around the world. By removing friction from the process of engaging with workers, WorkMarket makes the agile workforce possible for businesses now.

The last mile of digital transformation

The stakes are indeed high for digitally transforming and getting it right. As Stephen DeWitt pointed out, not everyone’s digital transformation is exactly the same. Each industry is a little different, and every business leader has their own interpretation of exactly what a modern, agile workforce should look like.

But with the right technology and advice, and a willingness to embrace new work models, anything is possible.The first-hand experiences shared by business leaders at WorkMarket Exchange brought to life many of the compelling benefits of agile work.

WorkMarket Exchange was as much a coming out party for the WorkMarket platform as it was a declaration of a new day at work for businesses willing to embrace change. It was a privilege for everyone at WorkMarket to offer a “look under the hood” at the OS for work and host a day filled with so many incredible guests. It was also a proud moment to announce WorkMarket’s partnership with Accenture to help businesses accelerate their shift to an agile workforce.

Check out the fireside chat between WorkMarket CEO Stephen DeWitt and Shawn Ivey, Accenture’s Emerging Technology Lead, to learn more about the agile workforce of tomorrow, and how Accenture and WorkMarket are partnering to build a new world of work.