WorkMarket’s New Release Simplifies Complex Vendor Management

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Grady Leno
Grady Leno
Chief Product Officer
WorkMarket’s New Release Simplifies Complex Vendor Management


The world of work is more complex than ever. That’s especially true for businesses who compete in a convoluted and elaborate IT services ecosystem (think manufacturers, VARs, MSPs, system integrators, staffing firms, agencies, SMBs, etc.).

The key to success for these businesses? Investing in technology that allows them to simplify their vendor management and business processes so they can focus on what really matters — delivering unmatched value to their customers. As you could imagine, the challenge of managing a roster of external vendors that large is no easy feat.

Most of today’s IT service providers work with and/or partner with a slew of companies in an effort to deliver a comprehensive service offering. Most of them are using a fragmented approach to manage those relationships. They use one software to recruit talent, another to manage it, and even a third for bookkeeping. This frankenstein approach is complex, time-consuming and inefficient.

We hear the same things from our customers who are looking to simplify how they communicate, manage and engage with their partner ecosystem. That’s why we’ve been spending the last several months developing new functionality in our product that would help solve this problem.

Our new product release will redefine how these service providers operate — and compete — in a highly fragmented service ecosystem. The innovative Vendor Toolset enables any kind of Vendor or Agency to represent their business with a profile in WorkMarket to delegate and manage their internal and on-demand talent.

This opens the doors to several new workflows, and we expect many partners to begin managing their work this way:

  • OEM > VARs > Employee
  • Enterprise > Staffing Agency > Employee or Independent Contractor
  • Enterprise > Vendor/Agency > Employee or Independent Contractor
  • Company > Partner Company > Employee or Independent Contractor

Companies can now manage work through vendors, agencies and partners on WorkMarket just like they do their independent contractors, thus bringing the management of their entire ecosystem under one roof. In addition to the Vendor Toolset, the new release also included Vendor Profiles, which enable external service providers, such as VARs and MSPs to take on new work from the WorkMarket platform.

By delivering a unified platform to manage outsourced service providers alongside directly engaged independent contractors, we’re arming our customers with the tools and talent they need to be successful in a turbulent and unpredictable service world.

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