WorkMarket boosts automation and mobility with latest updates

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Anthony Russo
Anthony Russo
WorkMarket boosts automation and mobility with latest updates

WorkMarket Mobile Onboarding

Developers at WorkMarket have been hard at work recently, rolling out a stream of new features that help businesses further improve their operations and help freelancers find and complete work more efficiently.

We just launched new payment features that simplify the freelancing experience, and we’re proud to announce two soon-to-be released features that will be available next week: Mobile Onboarding and Recurring Assignments.

Mobile Onboarding

Onboarding a new worker used to take up valuable time and tie up workers dealing with paperwork instead of doing their jobs. Efficiency rules in the digital age, so there’s just no time for that kind of approach anymore.

As in other business areas, a mobile approach can help bring archaic onboarding processes into the future. Workers can finally ditch the paperwork and get started ASAP by joining the WorkMarket platform via iPhone or Android mobile devices.

Workers can enter their credentials and relevant skills on their mobile device, and WorkMarket will automatically verify certifications as required, accelerating the pace of connecting with relevant work. Once onboarded, a worker is ready to accept work on-demand.

According to Information Age, the enterprise mobility market is set to grow from $35.10 billion in 2016 to $73.30 billion by 2021 as businesses look toward a mobile-first approach to boost the efficiency of their workforce.

Mobile Onboarding helps the WorkMarket platform fit even more seamlessly with that type of mobile-first business strategy. After all, the entire organization should be mobile — not just traditional, full-time employees.

Beyond efficiency, the feature makes things easier on freelancers, offering the consumer-grade digital experience that is increasingly demanded in the business realm.

Recurring Assignments

Intelligent automation is an important piece of what WorkMarket brings to the table, and we’re constantly working to offer the most intuitive solutions for managing work.

To that end, it is now possible for businesses to create daily, weekly, or monthly recurring assignments via Assignment Creation. Scheduling work is now as quick and painless as setting a calendar reminder.

Recurring Assignments

Automating routine tasks is key to maximizing efficiency of both workers and leaders. When mundane tasks are taken care of, business leaders can focus on strategy and higher-level tasks instead of trying to remember details like which ongoing assignments need to be re-sent.

Ongoing innovation

Embracing the cloud and automation are key to future-proofing business operations. A more intuitive experience and cloud-powered mobility make WorkMarket the right platform for businesses to manage an evolving and complex mosaic of labor. The easier it is to find and engage freelancers, the more realistic it is to achieve the “labor cloud” approach that maximizes productivity and quality.

CEO Stephen DeWitt explained at the recent WorkMarket Exchange that the WorkMarket platform moved beyond basic FMS to an automated end-to-end operating system for work because that’s exactly what our customers needed. We continue to be driven to innovate based on what our customers need most.

Stay tuned. We’re always listening to what real business leaders at top organizations require from their evolving workforce. As we work alongside our new partner, Accenture, we’ll continue to identify areas to further improve the connection between workers and businesses, making sure that WorkMarket is the seamless OS for modern work.