Client Story

Automation helps ClearVision grow 300% in 4 years

ClearVision AV provides companies worldwide with audio/visual installation and integrations. Bogged down with slow contractor management workflows, they turned to WorkMarket to help them expand services and unleash growth.

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The Challenge

Before WorkMarket, it took ClearVision over two hours to process every work order they received. Their manual process was time and labor-intensive, slowing down their ability to dispatch technicians and preventing further growth. Additionally, identifying qualified contractors for work orders was cumbersome. They also needed a single source of record for tracking and reporting, requiring a solution that could integrate with their current IT infrastructure.

Smart Talent Organization

Identifying the right talent for the right job

WorkMarket’s Labor Clouds immediately enabled ClearVision to organize their pre-vetted contractors by specific skillsets. The company is able to swiftly meet new opportunities with the confidence of knowing their technicians have the right skills, work order history, and high performance ratings to complete each work order.

"Once we moved into the WorkMarket environment, we were able to expand the coverage to the secondary and tertiary markets, as well as add additional 1099 technicians throughout the country."

~ Richard Clark, Director of Operations

WorkMarket interface showing the screen to add requirements to a labor cloud
Faster Dispatching

Streamlined assignment workflows

Using WorkMarket's automated workflows, ClearVision is able to streamline the entire work order process from initial request to sending out assignments. Gone are the multi-step, inefficient, time consuming administrative burdens of manual input, spreadsheets and emails. Work order processing that used to take hours now takes only minutes and, as a result, SLAs have achieved a 93% on-time arrival and completion rate.

ClearVision has achieved a 93% on-time arrival and completion rate.

WorkMarket interface showing assignment location details
Seamless Integration

The efficiency and simplicity of an integrated system

A key requirement for ClearVision was the ability to integrate with their existing accounting platform. WorkMarket enabled project managers to work with just one enterprise platform that offers a single item of record, increasing productivity without increasing headcount. Since adopting WorkMarket, ClearVision's services revenue has experienced 300% overall growth in four years.

“Having a single item of record, one place where my project managers and project coordinators could sign on, that was a big deal for me.”

~ Richard Clark, Director of Operations

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Why WorkMarket

When you partner with us, we’ll enable you to better manage your independent contractors and unlock new possibilities for your business.

Attract top-tier talent

A great onboarding and payment experience for workers

Meet customer demand

Quickly identify the right workers for the right jobs

Scale your business fast

Talent base grows — not administrative burden

Improve compliance

Efficiently verify and track your business requirements

Gain visibility into your workforce

Real-time analytics on contractor spend and usage

Reduce cost, drive profitability

Automated processes save time and money

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Two-minute overview

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