Client Story

Quantum Installation scales by optimizing efficiency

Quantum Installation (Quantam), a retail field services company, was experiencing a surge in growth. Buckling under the growing volume of work, the business looked to WorkMarket to automate the end-to-end workflows of managing contractors, so that they can scale efficiently and meet customer demand.

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The Challenge

Utilizing thousands of independent contractors across multiple sites, Quantum was trying to manage a growing pool of resources against an even faster-growing list of work orders. Their existing processes to organize and recruit workers was a burden to maintain, and it took an average of 72 hours to finalize worker assignments, hindering the company's ability to service clients.

Easy Onboarding

Automation accelerates contractor onboarding

With an increasing need to onboard new workers efficiently, WorkMarket also helps Quantum scale recruiting efforts by inviting workers directly into Labor Clouds. Onboarding and verification of US tax ID and bank account information is completed through automated workflows, and workers are organized based on client-defined requirements for easy identification. Now, when project volumes are higher, the company can more easily bring in new workers to meet demand.

WorkMarket interface showing the screen to add requirements to a labor cloud
Faster Dispatching

Reducing dispatch time to minutes

With WorkMarket, Quantum has been able to take on more jobs and larger projects thanks to the scalable, end-to-end platform. The company uses WorkMarket Labor Clouds to easily identify who is qualified for larger, more complex jobs. Where dispatching once took days, now it takes just minutes - giving Quantum the confidence to bid, win, and succeed with an increasing volume of projects. Workers also appreciated WorkMarket’s ability to provide greater clarity around project needs, timelines and how to process work reports.

“…overall stress levels have gone down.”
~Alin Mihalcea, Business Analyst

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Seamless Integration

Seamless integration drives efficient operations

Quantum found WorkMarket was easy to integrate with their project management platform. Project managers could place a work order in one system and trigger WorkMarket to handle assignment routing and contractor pay. This integration helped improve speed of service, reducing time to secure and dispatch a worker from 72 hours to mere minutes.

"The more you use it, the more you will like and trust it.”
~Alin Mihalcea, Business Analyst

Diagram illustrating that WorkMarket's open API connects with ERP's, CRM's and Recruiting Tools
WorkMarket at Work

Why WorkMarket

When you partner with us, we’ll enable you to better manage your independent contractors and unlock new possibilities for your business.

Attract top-tier talent

A great onboarding and payment experience for workers

Meet customer demand

Quickly identify the right workers for the right jobs

Scale your business fast

Talent base grows — not administrative burden

Improve compliance

Efficiently verify and track your business requirements

Gain visibility into your workforce

Real-time analytics on contractor spend and usage

Reduce cost, drive profitability

Automated processes save time and money

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Two-minute overview

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Interactive demo

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