Client Story

Making it easier to manage hundreds of work orders

Still reliant on a manual contractor management process, a 30-year-old technical services firm discovers a better, faster, less expensive way to manage its independent contractors.

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The Challenge

Servicing everything from vending machines and fitness equipment to digital signage and electric vehicle chargers, this company was ready to overhaul its contractor management system as it shifted to a 1099 workforce. The company's challenges spanned from onboarding and vetting workers to efficiently routing work orders and making accurate payments.

Faster deployment

Smart Talent Organization

WorkMarket’s Labor Clouds were an immediately popular feature. With the ability to pre-vet their talent around skills, experience and location, the company could now more rapidly assign the right people to the right work order. Project managers could easily see worker ratings, assignment completions and other performance metrics, providing a 360 view during the selection process.

"There is a lot of power in the [WorkMarket] system."
~ VP Sales and Marketing

WorkMarket interface showing the screen to add requirements to a labor cloud
Scaling Operations

Efficient Work Management

With a steady flow of 300-500 work orders every week, the company found WorkMarket’s automated work assignment features made everything easier. Job details and requirements were clearly documented and routed to workers on the work order, helping to ensure alignment on each project. In addition, WorkMarket's best-in-class app allowed workers to communicate with internal teams in real time, and upload photos of completed work.

“Technicians find the mobile app easy to use as well. When workers are on site, we require they take and upload a before and after photo, which we use to manage the quality of work."
~ VP Sales and Marketing

WorkMarket interface showing assignment dashboard in desktop and mobile screens
Easy Pay

Streamlined Payment Processes

When it comes to payments, WorkMarket makes it easier. Invoices come in, they are routed, approved and payment processing is fully automated -- reducing discrepancies and saving hours of admin time. Manually processing 300-500 checks a week is a thing of the past. Both the company and its contractors benefit from the faster, more efficient payment process.

“The WorkMarket team has become a true partner to our business… We are looking forward to utilizing more of the platform features to support other areas of our business.”
~ VP Sales & Marketing

WorkMarket interface showing payment preferences in desktop and mobile screens
WorkMarket at Work

Why WorkMarket

When you partner with us, we’ll enable you to better manage your independent contractors and unlock new possibilities for your business.

Attract top-tier talent

A great onboarding and payment experience for workers

Meet customer demand

Quickly identify the right workers for the right jobs

Scale your business fast

Talent base grows — not administrative burden

Improve compliance

Efficiently verify and track your business requirements

Gain visibility into your workforce

Real-time analytics on contractor spend and usage

Reduce cost, drive profitability

Automated processes save time and money

Two-minute overview

Two-minute overview

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Interactive demo

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