Why Top 10%?

See why top service providers trust WorkMarket’s labor solution for access to the most exclusive network of skilled, vetted and qualified IT tech talent on-demand.

WorkMarket’s rigorous screening process identifies and organizes the top 10% of IT technicians so you spend less time hunting for techs and more time focusing on what really matters -- delivering excellent service to your customers.

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The Top 10% includes:

1 Background Check
2 WorkMarket Screening
3 Detailed Profile
4 90% Satisfaction Rating

Top IT Techs for Top IT Brands

Security & Infrastructure Server & Networks Wiring & Cabling Point of Service Telecom/VOIP Home Theatre Break Fix

The WorkMarket Screening Process

Profile Creation
The first step in the Top 10% Club screening process is building a WorkMarket profile. A profile provides candidates with the unique opportunity to build a real-time resume and stand out in the eyes of our top clients.
Background Check
Next, we require each candidate to pass a background check becoming a verified independent contractor to ensure their expertise and reliability. Verified workers are eligible for more assignments and will more likely to be hired by clients.
Live Screening
Each candidate is screened by our team of industry experts. Each screener will provide real live exercises that cover core topics within the candidate’s primary arena of expertise.
90% Satisfaction Rate
WorkMarket workers are expected to perform high quality and reliable work while engaging with clients. We believe in the importance of passionate and driven people who always reach for excellence.

The Top 10%

Members accepted into the WorkMarket Top 10% Club are highly-skilled professionals with expertise in cloud infrastructure, maintenance, cabling, networking, A/V installation, PC repair, HPE or SAP HANA certified and much more. WorkMarket serves leading enterprises and IT service providers with the technology, tools and services they need to help them modernize and scale their on-demand workforce.
access top 10% members apply to be a top 10% tech