6 Steps to a Winning Business Case for Managing 1099 Field Service Professionals

Field service professionals are "under pressure to optimize costs and shorten lead times, prompting more experimentation with the use of an external workforce." That's according to Jim Robinson, Gartner's top field service analyst.

Not only are savvy businesses using independent contractors to augment their service operation, they're also using powerful automation technology to guarantee the right person, at the right place, at the right time.

For field service organizations still using W-2 employees and legacy processes, there's still hope. This exclusive new guide provides actionable advice for service executives looking to build an agile and tech-enabled service delivery operation.

  1. Ask the Right Questions
    Targeted inquiries reveal your current preparedness for an agile future.
  2. Identify ROI Projections
    The modernization of global workforces is redefining investment priorities.
  3. Assemble a Winning Workforce
    Source talent, control costs, and increase productivity through dynamic software.
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