Human Capital Management Strategies for a Blended Workforce

Having a broad perspective on HCM trends and strategy allows companies to reimagine their talent management based on business goals combined with the latest technologies. A key segment, often overlooked, is the gig economy and the major influence it plays in companies’ holistic approach to their HCM. Couple that with labor disruptions brought on by the global pandemic, and it is easy to see why change is so desperately needed.

Our team of industry experts predict that the current HR trends discussed in this paper will hold and intensify over the coming years. It’s time to manage your total workforce as one single talent pool, whether they are contingent workers, full or part time, on-site or remote. Download this free guide to see how your company can:
  • Adopt and Thrive: Employing a blended workforce of full-time W-2 and 1099 contingent talent to help your business thrive
  • Leverage the Right Technology: Use technology to optimize your end-to-end freelance management needs
  • Maximize Worker Engagement: Create a differentiated worker experience that maximizes engagement and satisfaction
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