Navigating The Perfect Storm

How Top IT Service Providers Are Surviving In An On Demand Market

About This Report

Shrinking margins. Rising costs. Demanding OEMs. The current IT services landscape resembles a perfect storm. Unfortunately, many service providers are still using decades-old technology and processes to compete in today’s dynamic service environment

In our exclusive report, we detail how IT service providers are building an agile on-demand workforce of top-rated IT contractors to accelerate growth, improve their response times, and prepare for success in a modern service world.

What's in the report:

  • Build an on-demand workforce of qualified contractors around the country
  • Automate key management processes to save time and money
  • Reduce W-2 workforce expenses and boost margins by sourcing talent directly
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WorkMarket’s subscription-based platform is designed for companies that typically: a) route more than 30 assignments per week OR b) engage more than 40 contractors annually OR c) spend more than $200,000 USD annually with independent contractors.