Spend Matters

As use of the extended workforce grows, procurement has a key role in adding value

About This Research

As global services sourcing hit $13.4 trillion in 2019, procurement departments found themselves often struggling with limited visibility into their company’s extended workforce. For organizations seeking to tackle this head on in 2020 and beyond, procurement needs to be front and center of the business strategy employed to bring efficiencies and value to extended workforce practices.

In this research, Spend Matters explains the role technology plays in helping procurement departments:

  • Gain access to better quality data
  • Add value to the growth of the extended workforce
  • Help HR and finance clearly see how many workers are in all categories
  • Visibility into spend associated with each category
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WorkMarket’s subscription-based platform is designed for companies that typically: a) route more than 30 assignments per week OR b) engage more than 40 contractors annually OR c) spend more than $200,000 USD annually with independent contractors.