Navigating The Perfect Storm

How Top IT Service Providers Are Surviving In An On Demand Market

Shrinking margins. Rising costs. Demanding OEMs. The current IT services landscape resembles a perfect storm. Unfortunately, many service providers are still using decades-old technology and processes to compete in today’s dynamic service environment

In our exclusive report, we detail how IT service providers are  building an agile on-demand workforce of top-rated IT contractors to accelerate growth, improve their response times, and prepare for success in a modern service world.

What's in the report:


Build an on-demand workforce of qualified
contractors around the country

Automate key management processes to save
time and money

Reduce W-2 workforce expenses and boost margins by sourcing talent directly

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WorkMarket’s subscription-based platform is designed for companies that typically: a) route more than 30 assignments per week OR b) engage more than 40 contractors annually OR c) spend more than $200,000 USD annually with independent contractors.