Unlock the Power of Your Contingent Healthcare Services Workforce

Organize, manage and pay your healthcare 1099 contractors efficiently and compliantly


Challenges Facing the Healthcare Services Industry

Challenges in the Healthcare Services Industry

  • Rising Labor costs account for 60 percent of spending1
  • Labor shortages in 2020 includes a shortage of 20K PCPs and 200K nurses2
  • Demand for elderly care services continue to outpace supply3
  • Outdated solutions for managing 1099 employees continue to burden administrative staff4

Future Proofing Your Healthcare Services Business

Healthcare leaders are faced with a wide range of challenges that will continue to strain budgets, stress existing systems and processes.

View our 2021 healthcare services industry brief to learn how to:

  • Maintain an agile healthcare services workforce
  • Identify workers with the right skillsets
  • Scale to meet changing demands

Future Proofing Your Healthcare Business with WorkMarket

Why WorkMarket?

Smart Labor Clouds Smart Labor Clouds

Smart Labor Clouds

Easily match the right workers with the right jobs
Real Time Communication Real Time Communication

Real Time Communication

Best-in-class mobile app to communicate with your workers
Seamless Talent Management Seamless Talent Management

Seamless Talent Management

Automate identifying, onboarding, engaging & paying workers
Payments Made Easy Payments Made Easy

Payments Made Easy

Flexible, convenient ways to pay workers
Improve Compliance Improve Compliance

Improve Compliance

Ensure all workers meet your skill and compliance criteria
Increased Visibility Increased Visibility

Increased Visibility

Analytics on your worker utilization and spend

A Word From our Clients

WorkMarket provided automation that helped us to boost efficiency when paying 1099 providers, so we can continue to scale our business.
- National Physician-led , Physiatry Group
WorkMarket helped to streamline our 1099 payment processing, integrating our systems to lower costs while increasing visibility.
- Community Wellness Outpatient Mental Health Center
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WorkMarket is designed for companies that engage 25 or more 1099 workers a month.
1 https://www.healthcarefinancenews.com/news/research-ties-staffing-sustainablity
2 https://www.medicaleconomics.com/view/can-looming-physician-shortage-be-stopped
3 https://www.physicianleaders.org/news/physicians-and-the-gig-economy
4 https://www.aarp.org/content/dam/aarp/ppi/2020/05/full-report-caregiving-in-the-united-states.doi.10.26419-2Fppi.00103.001.pdf