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Challenges Facing the Marketing and Advertising Industries

Challenges in the Marketing and Advertising Industries

  • Marketing job listings grew 63% in 20211
  • Marketing contract positions grew 15% in 20212
  • Over 17K new remote marketing positions were posted on LinkedIn in the past year3

Future Proofing Your Marketing and Advertising Business

Marketing and Advertising Agency leaders are faced with a wide range of challenges that will continue to strain budgets and stress existing systems.

View our marketing and advertising agency industry brief to learn how to:

  • Efficiently manage your workforce
  • Maintain an on-demand pool of creative professionals
  • Scale to meet increasing demand

Future Proofing Your Marketing and Advertising Business with WorkMarket

Why WorkMarket?

Smart Labor Clouds Smart Labor Clouds

Smart Labor Clouds

Easily match the right workers with the right jobs
Improve Compliance Improve Compliance

Improve Compliance

Ensure all workers meet your skill and compliance criteria
Automated Workflows Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows

Automate identifying, onboarding, engaging and paying workers
Increased Visibility Increased Visibility

Increased Visibility

Analytics on your worker utilization and spend
Real Time Communication Real Time Communication

Real Time Communication

Best-in-class mobile app to communicate with your workers
Fast Payments Fast Payments

Fast Payments

Flexible and convenient payment options

A Word From our Clients

WorkMarket empowered us to quickly and easily engage workers to accept jobs via a mobile app, with timely, flexible, automated payment to workers for assignments.
- Casting Services Agency
WorkMarket helped us to streamline onboarding, assignments and payment so our staff can focus more on revenue generating activities
- National Event Marketing Agency
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WorkMarket is designed for companies that engage 25 or more 1099 workers a month.
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