How companies can increase loyalty of their gig workforce

About this Webinar

In the HR profession, a lot of effort has been put into areas such as employee engagement and candidate experience… but what about those non W-2 workers (gig workers) ? Your 1099’s (contingent workforce) are a productive part of your workforce, eg, your “extended workforce.”

As the gig economy and remote work drives higher reliance on gig workers, your company needs to think holistically beyond “employer of choice”, to “client of choice.” How do you attract talented independent contractors and the contingent workforce? How do you get them to come back to you?

Join ADP thought leaders on diversity and inclusion and human behavior to dig into the best way to attract and meet talent where it is.

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About the Speakers

Jens Audenaert

Jens Audenaert, ADP Pride’s Executive Sponsor, plays an active part in providing perspective on Diversity & Inclusion inside and outside of ADP. Jens is the general manager and division vice president at WorkMarket, an ADP company; a platform designed to help companies unlock the power of their extended workforce.

Martha Bird

Martha Bird is Chief Business Anthropologist at ADP, where she helps design and create meaningful services, experiences and products. She continues to share insights about the people and the places where they make meaning with technology. Her expertise contributes to ADP’s ability to keep people at the center of innovation and design a better world at work.