Game Changers: How an extended workforce strategy can change your business

IT Support Services provider, SourceSupport, was spending over 2 hours per dispatch, causing bottlenecks and challenges when managing complexities of a varied workforce. They needed to streamline their efforts to increase their agility and efficiency to continue to meet growing demand.

In this second Webinar, we learned how to overcome the costs and risks associated with a traditional siloed approach to managing the critical elements of workforce management (including finding, managing, and paying workers) with an integrated workforce management strategy.

Presenters Cameron Truss, SourceSupport, and Deb Hughes, ADP, will explore strategies and solutions to enhance process transparency, encourage collaboration and reduce workforce compliance risks. Cameron spoke from personal experience on how SourceSupport leveraged the automation of WorkMarket’s Freelance Management System to significantly reduce their time to dispatch and meet increasing customer demand.

Join this session to explore:

  • Best practices and solutions for breaking down the silos that separate people, systems, and processes dedicated to organizing talent, managing the workforce, and paying workers.
  • A case study highlighting how Source Support Services leveraged technology integration and automation to streamline a majority of their communication, assignment details, and payment processes, reducing their processing time from 2 hours to 10 minutes per dispatch.
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