The New Normal of Work featuring Diane Mulcahy

About this Webinar

Diane Mulcahy wrote the book on The Gig Economy (Harper Collins) and writes for Forbes and Harvard Business Review about how work is changing. She also created and teaches the first MBA course in the United States on the Gig Economy, which includes independent contractors, consultants, freelancers, and on-demand workers.

In this session featuring Diane Mulcahy, we are continuing our webinar series exploring the Future of Work in this new environment. After hearing Mulcahy’s position on today’s market, you will be better informed about the new normal and how you can apply this knowledge to your business.

Topics Diane covers:

  • Observations and insights on how leaders can establish a high-performance work culture with on-demand labor
  • The impact and ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis and a workforce evolution from traditional, office-based productivity to a more advanced, work-from-anywhere reality
  • The benefits companies are seeing after transitioning to a remote-friendly environment, and the effects this has on operations, task delegation, key investments, and more
  • Will today’s social distancing have a long-lasting impact on tomorrow’s work culture norms?
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About the Speakers

Diane Mulcahy - Institutional Investor, Advisor, Author, Speaker

Diane is expert on the Gig Economy and the future of work. She created the first MBA course in the country on the Gig Economy at Babson College in Boston. The course was named by Forbes as one of the "Top Ten Most Innovate Business School Courses" in the U.S.. Out of that course grew a book. She is the author of The Gig Economy (Harper Collins), a bestselling book that has been translated into five languages and featured widely in national media including CNN, Forbes, Huffington Post, NPR, The New York Times, The New Yorker,, PBS, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and Worth. She advises and consults with companies on product strategy, workforce development, and remote work.


Ali Din - VP, Marketing - WorkMarket

Oversees marketing at WorkMarket, an ADP company - a platform that helps organizations manage their extended workforce (freelancers, 1099 independent contractors, contingent workers, gig-workers, retiree and alumni talent)