How to Mitigate Your Compliance Risk in the Freelance Economy

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About this Webinar

With the boom of the on-demand economy and the rise of the contingent workforce, worker misclassification has emerged as one of the most prominent storylines over the last year.

The cost of non-compliance can be staggering and include fines, penalties, back taxes, and lawsuits.

Whether your organization employs contractors, freelancers, temps, per diems, project workers, consultants, or specialists, you need to classify workers properly to avoid costly consequences.

Join WorkMarket SVP and Co-Founder Jeff Wald and VP of Legal Counsel Ellen Feeney as they share best practices on how businesses today are mitigating compliance risk, including:

  • What California’s Assembly Bill 5 and similar laws actually means for businesses across industries
  • How to minimize compliance risk with smart independent contractor engagement
  • How automation can help businesses remain compliant
  • How to enable limits and restrictions that keep you within your company’s compliance guidelines

About the Speakers

Jeff Wald

Jeff Wald - Founder of WorkMarket & SVP of ADP

Jeff serves as the company’s President and is a co-founder of WorkMarket. Jeff has a long track record as a successful entrepreneur across the technology and services landscape. He has successfully built and sold multiple tech companies, including SpinBack to Buddy Media, which was subsequently purchased by for $800 million.

Ellen Feeney

Ellen Feeney - VP Legal Counsel, ADP

Ellen is Vice President, Counsel at ADP where she focuses on emerging compliance issues and is the lead attorney for WorkMarket. Ellen started her ADP career in 2008 with a focus on new business development. She has extensive experience in bringing new and emerging solutions to WorkMarket, as well as providing training and day-to-day advice on compliance.