Unlocking the Power of the Extended Workforce

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About this Webinar

Recruiting and retaining your workforce is harder than ever – you know that. Increasing competitive pressure and a gap in filling talent shortages are challenges companies must meet to achieve goals such as enhanced agility, profitability, and improved customer experience.

Join former ADP strategy lead on labor, Jens Audenaert as he evaluates these 3 converging issues and how business leaders, including HR, can plan ahead.

Jens will discuss and answer questions on:

  • Competitive pressures from disruptive forces leading to everything as a service
  • Gig Economy worker sentiment requires extending the traditional workforce
  • HR is facing increased pressure to find talent while dealing with a skills shortage

About the Speakers

Jens Audenaert

Jens Audenaert, - General Manager at WorkMarket

Jens joined ADP in 2013 as Vice President Strategy & Innovation in its Small Business Services organization, and subsequently was General Manager at ADP’s internal new business incubator ADP Ventures. At ADP Ventures, Jens drove ADP’s initiatives around the gig economy as well as the acquisition of WorkMarket. He is now the General Manager at WorkMarket, where he is focused on driving scale in the business and leading the integration with the ADP ecosystem.