On Demand Labor - Present, Past & Future

About this Webinar

The future of work is on the horizon. About 50% of companies think automation will reduce full-time workers as early as 2022*. But also by that time, the number of freelance co-workers worldwide will have risen to 5.1M**. And we’re quickly embarking on what many are calling, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution," or “The Age of Technological Unemployment.”

Critical shifts have already begun. Rising customer expectations, the introduction of rules-based automation, and the proliferation of freelancers in the global economy have all led to new innovation and transformation in the workplace.

To help you get prepared for what’s next, WorkMarket’s SVP and Co-Founder Jeff Wald is exploring the historical influences, challenges, and key trends that are shaping tomorrow’s world. Watch this webinar to receive an in-depth look at:

  • California’s AB5, a historical push to reclassify independent contractors as employees
  • What new employee classifications would mean for payroll, taxes, and compensation
  • The promising return industries are seeing from embracing on-demand labor trends
  • The blueprint agile companies are using to prepare for the future of the world economy
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About the Speakers

Jeff Wald

Jeff serves as ADP’s Sr. Vice President and is a co-founder of WorkMarket. Jeff has a long track record as a successful entrepreneur across the technology and services landscape. He has successfully built and sold multiple tech companies, including SpinBack to Buddy Media, which was subsequently purchased by Salesforce.com for $800 million.