Webinar: WorkMarket & Spend Matters

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About this Webinar

You've probably heard the gig economy offers a huge opportunity—the chance to tap into skilled resources who are ready to deliver when and where you need them. But is all the hype really accurate? And are companies actually leveraging the gig economy to increase productivity?

In this session, we'll be joined by Spend Matter's analyst, Andrew Karpie and WorkMarket's Senior Director of Enterprise Solutions, Mike Kandel to share recent trends, challenges, and solutions around the gig economy, and the tools used by companies to drive faster results at scale.

About the Speakers

Andrew Karpie

Andrew Karpie - Spend Matters, Analyst

Andrew has over 30 years experience working as an analyst, executive, and adviser at the business intersection of technology and services. He is widely regarded as a leading analyst, writer, and adviser researching the rapidly changing services and labor supply chains (especially the impact of technology).

Mike Kandel

Mike Kandel - Senior Director of Enterprise Solutions, WorkMarket

As Senior Director of Enterprise Solutions, Mike is dedicated to helping executives design and implement a more agile and profitable workforce strategy. He is a seasoned enterprise executive with more than 10 years of high-tech sales and marketing experience.