Freelance Management Made Easy

WorkMarket offers a state-of-the-art technology platform that provides your business the ability to scale in today’s competitive landscape.

Easy Onboarding

Easy Onboarding

Easily onboard workers with your customizable talent landing page. Organize your contractors into curated groups — labor clouds — based on their skills, location and other criteria to streamline onboarding processes.
Streamline Verification Processes

Streamline Verification Processes

Set rules to help ensure your freelancers meet all the appropriate requirements to start work for you. Process tax ID verifications and ensure client specific compliance requirements are met on an ongoing basis.
Manage Jobs at Scale

Manage Jobs at Scale

Easily develop, manage and automate projects throughout their entire lifecycle. Keep deliverables and communications secure within a single system of record.
Real-Time Communication

Real-Time Communication

Connect directly with your workers via a state-of-the-art mobile application. Stay on top of their assignments and ensure updates or deliverables are shared in a timely manner.
Fast & Flexible Payments

Fast & Flexible Payments

Secure and reliable payments based on your terms. Make it easy to pay your global workforce with automated invoicing, multiple e-payment options and year-end tax compliance via IRS 1099 form support.
Analytics on Spend & Usage

Analytics on Spend & Usage

Gain visibility into your freelance workforce to mitigate risks, control labor costs and plan more accurately for your current and future business needs.

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Automation that streamlines and simplifies

Say Goodbye to Manual Processes

At WorkMarket, we embed automation into our platform at every point possible to help you get more time back.

Why WorkMarket?

The all-in-one freelance management system that delivers measurable results



Provide a seamless experience for workers through flexible payment and a mobile app


Total visibility into your extended workforce talent, utilization and spend


Reduce manual tasks and streamline processes with automation


Ensure workers are meeting business requirements via rule-based support during vetting and onboarding


Serve customers faster by matching the right worker with the right job

A Word From Our Clients

"We have realized a 91% reduction in the time per dispatch with WorkMarket."

Cameron Truss,  Senior Manager
Source Support

"Once we moved to WorkMarket we were able to expand coverage to other markets."

Richard Clark,  Director of Operations

"By utilizing WorkMarket’s pre-vetting capabilities, we can now organize workers based on geography, skills, or experience."

Mark Krug, VP of Sales and Marketing
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