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With WorkMarket, you can build a bench of on-demand contractors so you can take on opportunities the moment they arise. Easily search through worker profiles to find the right candidate for the job.

Point of Sale

Fast food, retail, hospitality, department stores

Digital Signage

Large screen TVs, menu displays, kiosks

Networking & Cabling

Access points, wifi, VOIP, rack & stack


Access Controls, video surveillance cameras, CCTV, alarm systems

PCs, Servers & Printers

Installation and break fix across name brands

Retail Construction

Fixture installation, merchandising support, store resets

Featured Independent IT Contractors

Check out our top techs

Todd Osgood
Todd Osgood

Todd Osgood

30+ years expertise in consultation, engineering, installation and project management of ISP, OSP cable and networking systems for new construction and renovations across sectors.

5 Stars
Johanna Sickler
Johanna Sickler

Johanna Sickler

Successfully completed over 200 assignments specializing in POS, kiosk and digital signage installation and maintenance for over 15 years. Top ratings for On-Time and Deliverables.

5 Stars
Daniel Babcock
Daniel Babcock

Daniel Babcock

Field tech with 16 years experience in telecommunications and VoIP systems for consumer and retail settings. Skilled in computer and printer repair for home and networked.

5 Stars

See how WorkMarket can help service your white space

Our sophisticated and robust platform allows you to upload your client locations, mapping against where your IT contractors are currently located so you can better strategize how to service those areas where you don't have existing resources.

Build your bench of talent with Labor Clouds

Labor Clouds are a way to digitally organize your workers by geography, licenses, certifications, even NDAs and background checks. Build your bench of talent by recruiting workers from the marketplace into your Labor Cloud so they can fulfill your specific requirements. Contractors who become members of your Labor Cloud are then eligible to take on your work.

WorkMarket interface showing a list of independent contractors to be filtered by requirements

Why WorkMarket

Background checks and drug tests

We facilitate background checks and drug tests through third parties, helping to ensure independent contractors meet your requirements. It's one less administrative hassle - and one more way we help keep you compliant. We can also notify you and your workers when background checks, drug tests, as well as insurance and certifications, expire.

OAI and general liability insurance

WorkMarket gives your workers the ability to enroll in general liability and occupational accident insurance through a third party. Payment for coverage is handled on the platform via your assignment workflows.

Man with hardhat looking at a clipboard on a job site

Customizable tests and surveys

Easily customize tests and surveys to assess worker skills, or help ensure they've read certain instructions or documents before being deployed for work. Save hours of administrative time, headache and hassle, knowing your independent contractors are well-prepared for the job ahead.

WorkMarket interface showing a sample contractor test

Mobile app for on-site work

The WorkMarket mobile app for workers facilitates real-time communication. It also offers check-in/check-out functionality for effective time tracking and allows upload of deliverables, like documents and photos, and electronic signature collection. When work is complete, your contractor can submit for approval and payment, right through the app.

Two WorkMarket mobile app interfaces showing assignment check in and upload features

Rate your contractors

After work is done, you can rate your independent contractors on their performance, such as on-time delivery of work, communication, and overall satisfaction with the work. This way, you can build a database of high-quality, on-demand talent. Your ratings also help workers build their reputation in the IT Field Services Marketplace.

WorkMarket interface showing the assignment review screen
Man with hardhat looking at a clipboard on a job siteWorkMarket interface showing a sample contractor testTwo WorkMarket mobile app interfaces showing assignment check in and upload featuresWorkMarket interface showing the assignment review screen

A single platform for IT workforce management

We help you attract, recruit, onboard, manage and pay your independent IT contractors easily, efficiently and compliantly.

Client Story

ASD achieves 25% YOY growth leveraging ITFS Marketplace

During a high-growth period, Automated Systems Design faced multiple challenges while expanding recruitment and scaling operations. WorkMarket helps the company find qualified talent while also automating onboarding, assignment workflows, and payments.

"I know if I am going somewhere new and doing something different that I can easily find people to do that for me on WorkMarket. That is how I have been able to grow."

Doug Gies, VP Operations, ASD

How can WorkMarket work for you? Let's talk.

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The all-in-one system to manage your independent contractors:

  • Efficient onboarding

  • Organize talent

  • Manage work assignments

  • Fast, flexible payments

  • Improve compliance

  • Dashboard reporting and analytics

  • Integrate with your existing systems

WorkMarket FAQs

You do not need to prefund your account to start a work order with a contractor. Contact us to learn more about funding requirements.

Yes - you do not need to use our IT Field Services marketplace to use our product. We offer an end-to-end platform for managing your own talent base - helping you efficiently and compliantly onboard, verify, manage work orders, and pay your independent contractors.

Yes, we allow individual contractors as well as businesses offering contracting services to list on our marketplace.